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Found 15 results

  1. So found this egg on my java fern, any idea who the culprit is? Just one egg couldn't find any more haha. Also does it look viable or anything? Have found random eggs before but always free floating and covered in fungus.
  2. Can anyone help me identify these eggs? They have been there about a week. I thought they were African Dwarf Frog eggs, but I goggled pictures and it doesn't look the same as what I found. I also found info that said they'd hatch within 24-48 hours. But I don't think there is any other thing in there that would lay eggs. These are the tank inhabitants: 1 Male Betta 3 African Dwarf Frogs 2 Mystery Snails (I know what those eggs look like) 1 Nerite Snail 3 Kuhli Loaches A couple pond snails.
  3. So I have Platinum Medaks and Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows and a spawning mop in a 100 gallon outdoor Rubbermaid tub. And there are eggs visible in the spawning mop. Any way to tell which eggs they are? How about if I separate them out and they hatch into fry? Can I tell them apart as fry? How old until they get big enough to tell apart? At what point will I be able to differentiate the species? Thank you for your input!
  4. Corydora with unusual raised white spot preceding dorsal fin. Fish has been in a community tank for more than 4 months. Community consists of Glowlight Tetra's, Shrimp, Ottos, and two species of Corys. I never had a reason to look in detail at this particular fish until I noticed the white area about two weeks ago. I have completed a course of ParaCleanse with no change in the fish, or the white abnormality. I have attached a photo of the fish in question, and a photo of a healthy fish in the same tank. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.
  5. Yesterday I impulsively bought 2 German Blue Rams from my mom and pop fish store. They looked healthy, this morning I noticed they had ick… yes I did the no no and put them in my community tank without quarantine. I then noticed a bunch of eggs, to confirm are these Ram eggs? I assume turn the temp up slowly to 86? I have paraguard also. My other fish are Rasboras, Honeys, rainbow fish so I know it’s not them, duh. But still wanted to confirm. I also was not ready for eggs, I do have a small container I can try to put them in and hatch them, but not sure what to feed the new born? I will do my research also, but wanted to ask straight from you good peeps! thanks!
  6. Are these possibly cory eggs? Or something else growing on this rock. There are a few on the glass and many of them on the rocks. Moved this one to qt for the photo
  7. Are these things on the glass of my tank eggs? And are they CPD eggs? Fish in the tank are CPDs, guppies, neo shrimp, and kuhli loaches.
  8. I just upgraded to a 125 from a 75 and I noticed what looks like a little egg on some moss. I have Chili Rasboras, red neon eye rainbow fish those are the only 2 that lay eggs.
  9. Ive been battleing this for a while now and not sure what to do, been tryin to just water change through it. But it seems like when i mess with it, it makes like spores and spreads in a few days. Had been alot worse. When i got a piece out on my finger kinda smells like cucumber.. and feels gritty... sorry no water parameters....
  10. So i found theseeggs on my glass. Are they just snail eggs or something else?
  11. Today I saw one of my guppy fry on the surface and it had like a ball coming out of her mouth, so I took her out of the tank and removed this ball looking thing and it looks like eggs but I dont know if it could be parasites?... Has anyone else seen this before?
  12. Just discovered my first group of fish eggs. I’m just not sure who they belong to. The tank has the following fish: rummynose tetras, neon rainbows, Cory cats and plecos. I have another snail only tank. Should I move them? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello! This is my first time posting here. I couldn’t find enough evidence on this topic elsewhere so I’m not sure where to post on the forum. I am a minor who has a five gallon fish tank that, at the moment, only has a African Dwarf Frog and a Ghost Shrimp in it. I did a 50% water change before leaving on a trip for 5 days and came back to a strange, small, clear “sac” sort of thing containing white little dots. I’m almost certain that they are not eggs. In the recent past I had a betta fish in the tank a few months ago, and a while before that, a second ghost shrimp. (Both passed away). I unfortunately cannot find a picture that matches the growth in my tank. Could you guys please help me out here? All feedback is accepted!
  14. Trying to identify these little egg looking things on the bottom that just showed up. Tank also has Norman’s Lampeyes. Ruling out the solo BN pleco. Thanks!
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