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Hello from Scotland

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Hiya! I’ve been lurking here for a while but never bothered to make an account until now. 

I was given a 15 gallon long as an early Christmas gift in December 2019 and it currently has a group of zebra danios, albino corydoras and a male betta with the fantastic name of Sir Filet o’ Charcoal, Lord of the Snails - but I just call him Sir Charlie. I’d show a photo of the tank but I added new plants yesterday and the wallpaper is coming off the back, so it looks like a bomb hit it and I’d rather wait until it settles back down before showing it off. Edit: added some photos of the tank before the new plants went in. I’m aware the java fern looks awful (it’ll be replaced with something else) but I’m not doing any major changes right now since I’ll be leaving on holiday later this month. 

In a few months I’ll be rearranging my bedroom so I can fit a larger tank in, and I’m still debating what to get but I’m thinking a species-only molly tank. Or I’ll just do a bigger version of what I’ve already got since I love my current setup, and I’ll use the 15g for another betta or maybe a pair of apistos. I’ll see once the room is ready. 



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