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My Four Largest Aquariums

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These are my four largest aquariums, which are probably small for most here. 20 tall, two 20 longs, and a 10. The 20 tall is almost a year old.


10 gallon: neon tetra and honey gourami tank. Also has mystery snail.


20 gallon long: Von rio tetras, panda corydoras, powder blue dwarf gourami, nerite snails, mystery snails.


20 gallon long: guppies, they are not showing well on camera, kuhli loaches that hide in the slate, mystery snails and nerite snails.


20 gallon tall: platy fish, harlequin rasboras, albino corydoras, neon tetras, nerite snails, mystery snails, cherry shrimp, and amano shrimp. This was trimmed up a bit but gets to be very jungle-like.

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On 9/26/2021 at 12:37 AM, Patrick_G said:

Your tanks are looking great. I’ve heard the Von Rios are a bit aggressive what’s your experience so far? 

I’ve seen them chase / territory guard amongst themselves. But they don’t bother the panda corys or gourami or snails. Seem pretty peaceful. They are very active fish and are aggressive eaters (they attack flakes, play soccer with wafers).

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One year later, the three tanks I started in May 2021 are all still doing well. I’ve had to swap some plants over time that didn’t take well, but I’ve had so few problems and lost maybe one fish in each in the last 9 months.

The tank that was originally for guppies is being transformed into a multi-species Tetra tank. The guppies were breeding too prolifically and getting a bit inbred after almost 2 years. My last transition for it is a small school of rummy nose and then some green corys for clean up. They are in quarantine.


My tank that is almost 2 years old had an abundance of mystery snails born in September and they destroyed my pogostemon jungle over a few months. It is ugly and a lot of, I think is, black beard algae is trying to take over. I am trying to re-establish pogostemon stellatus octopus and some hornwort to get it back into balance after removing several adult snails.


Also have my two betta tanks. Standard 5 gallon and a 7 gallon cube. I’ve struggled forever with water sprite but for whatever reason some scant pieces I left floating are now a huge canopy at the top in Blue Bell’s cube.


I cannot highly encourage a quarantine tank enough. I finally setup a formal, permanent 10 gallon. The Co-op planters with some big leaf anubias are great so I can quickly take them out while collecting fish on moving day. Still gives the fish some natural things to swim through. A couple of guppies and a few snails are permanent residents. So far everyone brought into quarantine the last few months has been in pretty good shape. Had to treat with Ich X once several months ago.





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