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  1. The two female bettas have moved. Little Red and Blue Bell in bigger 5.5 gallon tanks. Yey or nay on tannins?
  2. I wish my hitchhiking snails looked that vibrant and interesting. Mine are all just solid brown.
  3. I didn’t think to take one. The leech seemed to fit the description of an asian one though. Mostly solid dark brown. Fairly thin and straight, able to stretch itself two or three times its “resting” length, maybe up to 2 inches fully extended. One end was fatter, the narrow end would stretch and then pull the fatter rear end forward.
  4. Can snails hitchhike on other snails? The only thing I added to a long established tank was a couple of mystery snails and found a random ramshorn snail in the tank now. I try hard not to cross contaminate my tanks. And the tank with the mysterious ramshorn is always the first tank I work on.
  5. I was gravel vacuuming today and one of these darker brown leeches got sucked up. Never encountered one before. It moved similar to an inch worm in the bucket. The tank has neon tetras, a honey gourami, two mystery snails, two nerite snails, some pond snails, and a couple of assassin snails. Tank has been going almost two months. I assume it would be hard for this thing to impact the fish, but I wonder if will attack the snails? Curious what it would survive on? I feed a variety of foods, but it is mostly flakes and freeze dried stuff, with frozen food once or twice a week and baby brine shrimp couple of times a month.
  6. Ha! I came on here to post about this happening to me. Found them this morning.
  7. I think I may have hurt some of my cherries because of the water temperature. My problem is the opposite of most. Dang tap water in Florida can be as high as 86 degrees on “cold” this time of year. Rarely below mid to low 70s other times. All my tanks rise in temp nearly 2 degrees from a 20% change.
  8. What was it, some treatments turn ammonia into ammonium, and the test kits cannot always distinguish? It may be worth buying some test strips just to compare against the liquid drops. Helps to compare in the event the drops go bad or got tainted over time. I typically rely on strips for the quick check and use the drops when I want a more precise reading.
  9. I thought about using a heater, but we keep the house between 75 and 78 degrees (Florida is hot year round, AC is always going all 12 months). There was a small 50 watt Hygger that I use in nano tanks that is typical glass tube, but has an external temp dial. It is the smallest heater I’ve got. Got it on Amazon. All that to say, with our ambient temperature, the brine hatch well in 18 to 24 hours. I use the Co-op air pump and a cheap LED light.
  10. I’ve done gravel, eco-complete, gravel topping eco-complete, fluval stratum, and really large pond stones. The crypts do seem to do better in eco-complete than gravel. I found it no problem at Petco as recently as three weeks ago. It was hidden in another area of the fish section away from regular gravel. Fluval stratum for shrimp, it really changes water chemistry, so if you want to slightly drop pH and give some nutrients, maybe mix it. It is messy once it gets wet, didn’t care much for it when it came to planting.
  11. My first tank a year ago (20 tall) had brown everywhere after cycle. Nerite snails plus three platy fish ate almost all of it in 36 hours. I had a shrimp tank that had stubborn brown dust algae on glass for months. Constant scrub battle each week. A single nerite maintains it and keeps it clear. Haven’t scrubbed at all in 2 months.
  12. All my behaviors being roughly equal, reducing light intensity and run time has been the primary factor in reducing almost all algae. Sometimes that also required more aggressive water changes if nitrate got too high too frequently. It took a lot of experimenting and time. I used to have problems with BG Algae, stag horn, and hair and the waiting for it to resolve with changes was always the hardest part. Look at it as a month long experiment sometimes. I am trying to slow spread of black beard now. It is the only algae trying to dominate in one tank. So far reduced light seems to stymie growth.
  13. Sometimes I’ve found plants to be hit or miss. Crypts melt, sometimes all the way back to the root before recovering. I don’t know if water parameter changes play a roll or not in how they react. I’ve had some just not make it and others thrive, really long shipping times beyond 5 or 6 days kill more plants than any I get faster. Plants sourced locally, sometimes pulled directly next to each other out of same tank, respond differently once planted in identical setups. The best way I’ve delt with snails is getting a few assassin snails if pest snails appear. They help diminish populations over time. I must have had like 100+ ramshorns in a small tank. About 6 months after adding a few assassins, the population was diminished with lots of empty shells. I like assassin snails as population controllers, even if they are slower than other possible solutions.
  14. The flower kept opening and closing itself for around a week, week and a half. It then closed permanently and started wilting. The speed at which the lily produces new leaves, pads, and flowers is quite fascinating. When I added the new root tabs, it had previously slowed in producing lily pads and then produced ones larger than my hand almost every few days. Submerged leaves were at every level gravel to lid. I only have a 20 gallon tall, so I have to trim them because they block out light. I don’t know if this is feeding primarily from substrate or water columns, but seems like once it truly establishes away from the original bulb you can super charge it. I wonder if the iron played any role and was the missing ingredient.
  15. It actually produced a second flower this past week. The plant is almost a year old. I added root tabs a few months ago and it grew like crazy, no flowers. I started dosing easy iron a couple of months ago. I don’t know if time or added nutrients or both made it go crazy.
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