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New Bristlenose Pleco digs

Fish Folk

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In the process of transforming our Mbuna tank over to a grow out for Electric Blue Acaras, I’ve made the most awkward scape ever...


I left 5x Rooibos tea bags in the breeder net (upper right) over night. Nice tannins developing. Also, I left a pair of bristlenose in the 55 gal. They’ve never had any wood in the tank. But now!! This male is just never, ever, ever going to come out of here willingly.


The female is sort of “meh” about joining him. A compromise must be struck... 😅


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18 minutes ago, Guppysnail said:

Thanks for this post. I’ve been wanting to do Pothos but all my inhabitants would eat the toxic roots. Now I know how! Your BN is a cutie 

It’s a GROSS mess... basically, I haven’t cleaned or changed out a thing for several years... 



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