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Easy Green Question

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Bought easy green because all my tanks are balanced and doing wonderful but lately I’ve noticed my nitrates dropping to 5-10 on a regular basis I do not want my plants to start having issues most of them are high stem consumers Hornwort water wisteria anacharis elodea densa water sprite some java and Anubis just for looks.  I dosed all except one tank. My show tank has ecocomplete and high waste producer population 2 lemon blue eye pleco 4 large adult male mystery snails shrimp galore bladder snails CPDs and one spastic boy guppy who insists he is a 12 inch fish and must be in the big tank. I fought DAILY NITRATE spikes for so long in that tank but plants are amazing. Now it stays at 15 which is what my tap water is. Plants all do amazing.  I’m Leary about adding it to that tank for fear of nitrate spike and well why fix what’s not broken. Thoughts opinions? 






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If your plants are doing amazing who says you need to add ferts? Fertilizer is added to give your plants what they need to grow, if they are doing amazing obviously they must have all they need without added nutrients. If you notice signs of nutrient deficiencies, or stunted growth you can revisit the question of adding fertilizer.

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