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I keep bladder snails in all my tanks. Mother nature’s most awesome gardener they will not eat live plants only the parts dying or dead giving the plant a chance at fresh growth. Want perfect plants keep him. They only reproduce to the food they have algae and detritus. Keep your tank clean and they won’t overpopulate. Bladder snails are beneficial if you line them up with the head by your head and look down on their shell the spire goes left. They have delicate hairlike antenna and yellow spots on the shell...yours is definitely an adorable bladder snail. Use a magnifying glass they are fascinating to watch and very beautiful. If the spire goes right and the antenna look like spike horns it’s pond snail that will eat live plants first. 🙂 enjoy your free gardener. If there is only one in 8 weeks it will reproduce without a mate if it has enough food. Only poorly maintained overfed tanks become overpopulated. 

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