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Guppy breeding


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5 minutes ago, CelticViking said:

My question was directed at Cory, but should I at least put a little salt in my guppy breeding tank? If so how much? Thank you guys for your help.

We’ve never added salt to a breeding tank. I’m not sure it hurts... but just curious why you’d do that, unless you’re trying to treat illness?

Plants will not enjoy salt much. But plants offer context for healthy micro life  and filtration for your water. So, unless you’ve got a good reason for it, I’m just unsure what benefits you’re going for.

Fry raised in salt _may_ avoid some pathogens that require freshwater. However, as soon as they’re moved for sale, they may bite the dust before long...

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     I agree with starsman20 about the number of males to females.

     To improve your success rate, check your PH one evening before you go to bed and if it is below 7.6n add a small pinch of baking soda before you go to bed. The next evening check your PH again and if it is about 7.4 to 7.6, you're good to go.

     Guppies come from the semi-brackish waters of northern South America and you can go to the southern tip of the Everglades where the water is brackish and you'll see native Sailfin Mollies everywhere you look and those Mollies are related to Guppies.

     A tip to help with the longevity of your Guppies is to keep your water temperature between 80 and 83 degrees, Ich and most fungi cannot survive temps over 80 degrees and I don't have a problem with parasites either. So keeping your water temps in that range will save you money in the long run, but it's good to keep meds on hand just in case.

     Another tip is to feed your Guppies pureed Nightcrawlers.

     Nightcrawlers must provide essential vitamins and minerals that commercial fish foods may not have, but most likely Nightcrawlers have a much higher fat content.

     I one had a pair of Guppies that I fed pureed nightcrawlers to every other day, when the female gave birth, she gave birth to 187 babies.

     This works for egg layers as well.

     I hope I've helped you in some small way.

     Good luck, mask up when you go out, dead fish and unwanted plants go in the trash, not down your toilet or in the nearest lake or river.

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There is actually a local guppy breeder near me that likes to put salt in his tanks despite our California water being hard and full of minerals. He said that it really helps to destress them as the salt is kind of like a preventative measure in order to prevent diseases and to also make the water full of minerals so the guppies are happy. I personally don't use salt but if you are keeping up with water changes, the new water should replenish the minerals pretty much eliminating the cause for any salt. 

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