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  1. Re-establishing my older aquarium. A couple of decades ago, I stained the wood and sealed it with polyurethane. The exterior still looks great, but the interior ceiling has some water damage where the lamination bubbled up in places. I've cut out the bad, and I plan on painting the ceiling with white Rust-oleum to cover the damage - and for reflective purposes. I will then seal it again with polyurethane - while touching up the rest of the hood. My question is whether it would be safer to use oil-based or water-based paint and sealer? I tried a Google search, and there seems to be a lot of conflicting information on what types of paint to use around an aquarium.
  2. Besides the Co-op resources, what is your most trusted online fish care guide for water requirements, compatible tank mates, etc.?
  3. I'm recently getting back into the hobby, and I've seen various references to Ultraviolet technology used to "purify" water. Seems pricy. Will this make for a happier ecosystem, or have folks experienced some unintended consequences? (Benefits vs. risks)
  4. Cleaning my old acrylic tank. Stuff on the inside is coming off well with a microfiber cloth, water, and a gentle touch. On the exterior, twenty year old scotch tape that held my background is proving itself a bear to get off. After googling, I tried some WD40 on the tape near the bottom of the tank - below the substrate level - with some success. And I didn't observe any harm to the acrylic. Removing the tape near the top of the tank has been a slow slog. I tried using my hairdryer and the edge of a credit card - and I imagine that I will get there eventually - but I thought I would ask the community for recommendations. Thanks, Bill
  5. Thanks all for the recommendations! I put a 30-item order in with Aquarium Co-op this afternoon for USB air pumps, various sizes of sponge filters and pre-filters, etc., etc. Received a shipping confirmation 80 minutes later… amazing!! I read that the USB Nano air pump would only run the smaller sponge filter / air stone. I veered away from the Aquatop air pump because several reviews indicated it was noisy. Any recommendations for another, quieter air pump to run the largest-sized sponge filter that I bought? I think I know the answer, but would it be stressful for the fish / tank if I was to periodically “turn off” the secondary sponge filter / air pump (via a smart plug) for hours at a time when we are watching TV? I really like the suggestions to use a smart plug to program/control a less-expensive LED light. Also, thanks for the complements on my current pet fish and the looks of the corner tank!
  6. Old, newbie here. Dusting off and setting up my 50 gallon, corner aquarium for a freshwater community tank after a twenty-year hiatus! I am a one-tank hobbyist, not looking to intentionally breed fish, and might have a couple of live plants. Seems like most of the comments in this forum are from folks with much more sophisticated objectives and experience. 🙂 Spent the last week researching equipment and watching Cory's videos. Bought a Fluval 307 for my primary filtration - I had success with a Fluval canister in the past. Some questions: >> Secondary Filtration / Water Flow / Aeration: I'm under the impression that my Fluval 307 should be "enough" filtration. I plan on adding one of Aquarium Co-op's Pre-Filters. I am contemplating buying the Fluval Spray Bar Kit to help with dispersion of the outflow. Any suggestions on whether I should be complementing the canister filter with something else? (Sponge Filter / Air Stone / Air Pump. Nano Circulation Pump. Redundant Internal Filter (Ziss, Shark ADV)). Tank will be in my living room, so I would appreciate any recommendations for specific equipment that is quiet. (Over-the-back filters don't work with my corner tank.) >> LED Lighting: I'm intrigued by LED lighting that can be programmed / controlled by an iPhone app. The couple of threads that I've read on this topic seem to be oriented toward growing plants - versus just illuminating and not stressing the fish. My tank to has room for a ~28x4" or ~20x8" footprint. It is two feet deep, so would one lighting fixture be enough?? I would spend $150 on the Fluval Plant 3.0 if the technology & app features are much better than the $60 Fluval AquaSky 2.0. I also wouldn't shy away from the $30 Hygger or NICREW if they are excellent lighting with basic controlling / scheduling app features. Recommendations? Thanks, Bill
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