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  1. Panda corrydoras were one of the first fish I got from our local fish store. Whenever I passed by their tank at my pet store they always didn't look well. They had popeye, lost fins, and dead ones. But I was new and really wanted this fish so I still got them. I was informed they weren't shipping well. Out of the 6, I had 2 survive. I had one I thought was blind because he wouldn't eat and barely moved. It survived the quarantine, 2 rounds of the trio actually, but when I moved the rest to the main tank I didn't feel comfortable moving him out of quarantine. He later died. I believe yours isn't strong enough for meds yet. Sounds like your tank is cycled already. I'd just watch him and try not to bother him too much with light or even moving stuff around the tank. Mine loved micropellets, frozen bloodwords/brine shrimp.
  2. @Andy's Fish Denthank you so much, will keep that in mind when my new cories come
  3. @Beardedbillygoat1975I stopped adding dechlorinator to my tap water when I tested that it had 0 chlorine in it. I only started using it after I read on one of the med boxes to watchout for nitrite & ammonia and to add prime if present which is why I asked. Okay sounds like I do need to sanitize the tanks between different batches of fish uses. Because I was wondering if I'll have to sanitize my tank after these peppered cories finish before I put tetras in to QT or if I can just do a water change and put the tetras in. So always reset a tank in between QT?
  4. Thank you! I noticed you're a corydoras lover. I'll be getting more similis corydoras to add in my fish tank. I read that cories can't get Ich. What would be your recommended QT process for these? I noticed my peppered cories were healthy for two weeks when I didn't medicate them. They were eating good and no signs of disease. Sounds like a good idea to just observe them first before medicating. As a beginner I can only spot a few signs popeye, ich, fungus... but not many other signs of illness. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't have good experience in seeing if a fish is sick.
  5. good to hear! It's interesting you didn't try to dose them again and just let them rest. I might need to try that.
  6. @Beardedbillygoat1975Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and being encouraging. I'm trying to fill my 55gal community tank and will be quarantining a few more batches of fish. I'm also taking plenty of notes! Few questions, would your QT be fresh like not fully cycled, do you add prime or beneficial bacteria or squeeze a sponge from your main tank etc., when you medicate do you sanitize with bleach as well or just do water change and don't have to start fresh for your next batch of fish?
  7. It's been 24 hours after I dosed my peppered cories with both marcyn & ichx for their 7day soak. I noticed one was infront of the filter intake and I was like oh no. I grabbed a stick to get him out right away so the ammonia wouldn't go up. Turns out he's still alive! Phew. They're definitely stressed. They're not floating, but would keep going up for air. I checked the water parameters & nitrite was high 3.0 according to a test strip. I didn't bother checking with a liquid test skit because any presence of nitrite is poison, right? I added more seachem prime. A few hours after I added more prime up to the limit according to the directions on the bottle. The peppered cories are still constantly going up for air... I also double dosed on beneficial bacteria. I also added a long airstone, but it doesn't seem to be helping. It's pretty hard observing them at the moment.
  8. @bettta999 I'm sorry, I haven't experienced this so I can't really help hopefully someone can see your question and jump in. I'd check my water parameters first & try to determine what's causing stress to the cory.
  9. @Hoi PolloiYeah I just started this hobby and I assumed medicating was a normal thing... but there's actually a number people who don't instead just observe and just as you mentioned So with your angel fish, you let them rest for the first week, you dewormed the 2nd week, and dewormed them again the 3rd week? Did you do out of the box or the 7day soaking? Other hobbyist can share their experiences and methods and I'm very thankful for that. I heard one hobbyist said that there's so many different ways to do this hobby. It's still up to us to do our own research and also experience what works for our own water and our own pets. Even with products, some works for others some doesn't. I ended up using more meds with following the box for deworming though so I might tweek it a little bit and do a 7day soak deworm, then bacterial and fungal mixed 7day soak, then deworm 7 day soak again. Only for my more sensitive fish. I 100% agree with you on this.
  10. @bettta999I'm sorry, I'm not sure I completely understand what's going with your peppered corydoras. What happened to them? Any more information you can give?
  11. @1moretankthanks for your suggestion... I tried the 2nd time: just did paracleanse according to the box, now they're on day 1 of Mardel & IchX 7day soak, will have 7 day rest from meds, then dose paracleanse again according to box.. they're doing good now, no negative reaction to the meds at this moment
  12. This is just an update or log for me and those with the same issue. So after having the horrific incident of my peppered corydora's reaction to all the three meds at the same time (7 Day Preventative Quarantine Method), I doubled my carbon filter (I have those refillable tetra carbon filter packets) did about two 25%ish water change per day for a few days... I had a spare tank that's been running for a little bit more than a week in preparation for another batch of fish to quarantine. It's been empty since I've set it up. I added media from my main tank, and only used fish food shrimp sinking pellets (I found these don't make a lot of mess) as ammonia source. I decided to put the peppered cories in there, watched and fed them for a few days, when my nitrite/ammonia was zero, I decided they had to be quarantined somehow. I was super scared but decided to dose them with paracleanse according to the box. They just finished their day 5. (Day5)I heavily fed them in the am, did a water 30% water change... and dosed with Maracyn & Ich X and will be soaking them for 7 days if I don't see any bad reactions. So far they seem normal, no deaths, they're responsive, eating... everything is good. Phew. More updates tbc. Oh, I added 1ml of Seachem Prime (I'm using a 10gal tank) assuming it will mess up my biological filter. I've been reading online and seems like 50% people have experienced their tanks crashing while doing meds. I've seen water cloudiness when i just dosed the paracleanse, as well as when I did all the med-trio.
  13. do you quarantine your otocinclus with the med trio? have you quarantined a fish with bad reactions to the med trio? can you please share your experience/how you dealt with it?
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