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Found 12 results

  1. I purchased 5 peppered corys from PetSmart yesterday, and put them in my QT tank. My QT tank is a 10 gallon with an appropriately sized sponge filter and 50 watt heater, a medium pebble substrate, and some weighted small java fern for some cover. It had just been tested at a pH of 7.4, Ammonia 0.0, Nitrite 0.0, Nitrate >5.0, KH 3 degrees, GH 7 degrees. It was recently home to 4 male guppies to keep it cycled who are now at home in another 10 gallon tank of guppies and doing well. Once I had acclimated the corys and put them in my QT tank, I added one packet of API General Cure, one packet of Mardel Maracyn, and 1 tsp of Ich-X as per the Aquarium Co-op QT procedure. Not even 24 hours later, all are showing signs of swim bladder issues. Two swim vertically next to the glass by the stream of bubbles coming from the sponge filter. Two more float on their backs, lying still in the water until disturbed. The last one floats on its side, and also lies motionless until disturbed. Once they are disturbed, they will swim to the bottom and sometimes stay there for awhile, but will eventually go back to the same behaviors. I haven't fed them, and wasn't planning to for at least the first 4 days, also as per the QT procedure. Does anybody have any similar experiences or suggestions?
  2. Hi, I recently hatched about 20 Corydoras Paleatus and am attempting to raise them in a specimen container. Currently I have tried feeding crushed Omega One flake, frozen baby brine shrimp, live baby brine shrimp, and a powder food similar to Golden Pearls my local fish store gave me. Do you think this feeding regimen is adequate? Hope I can get a high survival rate. I'm doing 50% water changes daily. Thanks!
  3. These little peppers are starting to grow pretty quick. Are these guys large enough to move to a permanent home?
  4. It totally caught me off guard today they spawned for the first time, it was so interesting to watch. I gathered the eggs and hope a few hatch. I have had two for a couple of months and purchased another two three weeks ago and another two a few days ago. So, it was not expected at all. I did catch some of it on video but it is very poor quality as the glare was so bad. But good enough for me to enjoy. It sure is a wonderous feeling. Cheers.
  5. she had a bacterial infection and I treated it with a med with formalin and malachite green for 3 days. now, 2 weeks later, she's developing an area with missing flesh where the bacterial infection was. is this normal?
  6. For over a year I have had this pop up every few months with my Corydora Paleatus. It starts as a spot around the head, and then it spreads. I’ve tried treating with Erythromycin and Furan 2, but I have always lost the fish. This little guy had a spot about a week ago. I moved him to the qt tank and added 3 Tbs of salt. This morning it looks a lot worse. I did a 50% water change and added 2 additional Tbs of salt (1 Tbs per 2 gallons now). I know that if it doesn’t get better in 4-5 days I should increase the salt to 1 to 1g, but is that safe for Corydora? Does anyone recognize this? Any idea how I can prevent it? I could really use some help. I love my cories but I hate losing a fish to this every few month.
  7. I have 4 Corydora's in QT. I have been doing water changes every 3 days. Keeping a close eye on them. I went in to check them and do a water change, and one was not doing well. I got him out, put him into a glass pyrex dish (its all I had in a pinch) with an air stone while I cleaned the QT tank. PH 7.4, Ammona 0.20, Nitrate, 0ppm nitrites 0ppm and Temp 78.6 He is still breathing, and is right side up which he was upside down before. Is there anything else I can do?
  8. As some of you know, I had to medicate my entire tank with the quarantine trio. So far, most have done okay. but my peppered cory cat fish is just not doing well. he lies on the bottom a lot.. occasionally swimming and then not moving. I checked my chemistry this morning and this evening. Both are the same. Temp 78.9. Is there ANYTHING.. ANYTHING at all I can do? I purchased a 10 gallon tank today and have it set up but its not cycled. I'm so heart broken.. Please any advise is so appreciated.
  9. Hello everybody, After breeding and raising 3 gens of endlers in my 15g tank, I decided to move everything in my 33g tank and do sth different. I was thinking of having a group of 6-10 corys. The catch is that this aquarium is unheated and the room temp of the place where it is located ranges from 65 to 70 during winter (after March the minimum temp rises to 70). Is there any type of cory that would realistically cope with these temps at least until the end of winter?
  10. Do you guys know what most pet stores call peppered cories I was planing on getting a group of them for my 29 gallon aquarium. I was going to call them tommorow to see if they had any but I know for a fact that they don’t call them peppered cories.
  11. I've discovered my Corydoras have made me a little Christmas present in the form of this little one. I wasn't trying to breed them. So I was surprised to find this little cutie.
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