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  1. Thats hit or miss, usually miss and can come back
  2. Columnaris is really making its rounds right now! Almost every post in my fish groups both on Facebook and elsewhere are being dominated by the subject. Ive been dealing with it my my QT tanks for 2 months now and Ive tried quite a lot of meds and learned a lot. Before I knew what it was I treated my new, EXPENSIVE breeder guppies with the med trio, then 14 days of medicated general trio flakes, then Erythromycin and Furan 2, and now sulfaplex. It seems to have slowed down with the sulfaplex though Im still losing fish. At this point I dont expect anyone left to make it because of internal damage but at least now I know what to look for, how to identify it, and I have sulfaplex in my medicine cabinet to add to my QT treatment from the beginning. I didnt know about columnaris before but now my QT trio is going to be a quartet, especially with so many fish farms, stores, and breeders being affected right now.
  3. Im surprised the sulphaplex isnt working. Did you do it every 3 days for 3 weeks? If you are in the UK try to get your hands on Blue Planet Tri Sulfa, otherwise API triple. That Blue Planet is the #1 recommendation Ive seen for this slow, resistant strain. Unfortunately I cant find it here in US. I dont know about maracyn because I have hard water (ineffective in hard water) but 2 would be the one to treat gram negative bacteria I think. Columnaris is really going around right lately! Ive been fighting this in my QT tanks for 2 months now. Ive tried medicated fish flakes with kanaplex and furan 2 to no avail. Started sulfaplex a week ago now and it seems to be slowing down. Columnaris attacks the organs so usually by the time the fish is showing white on the outside, it can be too late to save the fish. Cookies Fishroom has a great video. EDIT: I do not expect you will have luck with Maracyn 2 after reading the following resource https://www.myaquariumclub.com/columnaris-and-what-i-have-learned-about-the-types-causes-and-treatments-1689.html
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