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Found 7 results

  1. Is is beneficial and necessary to have bottom feeders in my aquarium of Cichlids? If they are beneficial or necessary what would be the best type for a 60 gallon cichlid aquarium. I currently have yellow Lab’s red Zebras Pseudotropheus saulosi
  2. So I was hoping to add some bottom feeder fish to this tank but I used eco complete. I know most need sand and read coarse substrate can hurt them. I also will have a single blue ram in the tank and didn’t know if that would be an issue. I was hoping for at least a bristle nose pleco or two. I plan to add a lot more plants I have some trimmings from my other tank in there at the moment.
  3. I have a planted 55 gallon tank with 10 corydoras as my cleanup crew. What do you have? I'm looking for options.
  4. I see a lot of people on the internet when feeding their bottom dwellers they are using a skewer or a fork to make the veggie sink, the problem with that is you have to reach your hand in the tank and grab the fork when their done. And then your hand is all wet, and its dripping all over the floor. Heres my sollution Boil the veggies in the microwave, simply fill a bowl of water up, add the veggie and microwave for 3 minutes. You are then gonna wanna run the veggie under cold water too cool it off. The veggie now sinks, and you don't have to reach your hand in to get anything!!
  5. Hi all😆 Looking for some thoughts on a bottom dweller heavy tank I’m planning. I’m not sure on the size of tank I should be getting or if any of the fish would be a bad idea and would love to hear some opinions. I know it will likely have to be on the larger side (maybe a 5 foot long at least?) . It will be heavily planted with a lot of surface area in terms of hardscape to give the fish more territory. For stocking I was thinking: Bottom Dwellers: 2 - 3 x Reticulated Hillstream Loach 7 x Kuhli Loach 5 x Black Kuhli Loach 2 x Bristlenose Pleco 9 x Pygmy Corydoras 3 x Otocinclus 2 x Tiger Otocinclus 1 x Pakistani Loach (Temporary, probably will re-home when he gets larger as I like smaller fish) Other: 7 x Leopard Danio 7 x Zebra Danio 9 - 15 x Galaxy Rasboras Some Fancy Guppies (about 12) 11 x Brown pencilfish 1 x Dwarf Neon Blue Gourami (he seems pretty docile for now) Cherry Shrimp Snails I was also hoping to do at least 1 pair of Apistogramma Cacatuoides. As well as perhaps another pair, of Borelli, Panduro or Agassizii. Thoughts on this? Is it okay to have multiple varieties of Apistogramma in the one tank if it’s large enough? Would Petricola Catfish eat the nano fish or shrimp? If not, I was hoping to get at least 3 of those as well. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and thanks in advance for any help! This will be my first larger tank and I want to get it right. If this just straight up will not work can I house the same species over 2 x 3 foot aquariums? and if so any recommendations on how should I split it? Have a great day/night & stay safe!😄 Image credit: Aquarium Co-op
  6. The guy that gave me this said it was an Upside Down Catfish but I haven’t seen any pictures that look like this, nor have I ever seen it swim upside down! Anyone know what it is for sure? Bonus points for telling me if it’s male or female. (I think F). Thanks!
  7. I started over on my 38 gallon. I have a great LFS that let me re-home my fish and sold me 3 juvenile angelfish. That's all I have in there right now. It's my first time keeping angels and I'm noticing that they let a lot of food land in the gravel that they don't go back and eat. Any recommendations as to what I can add that will eat the food from the gravel? I just had tiger barbs and even though they're not listed as "bottom feeders", they did a good job scavenging the gravel. So I was thinking what fish are out there like that? I know of the obvious bristlenose pleco, corys, etc. But I was looking for fish that maybe aren't known as "bottom feeders" but will consistently pick through the gravel. Not necessarily looking for schooling fish either though I can do that if need be. A few key points: I don't have live plants, my tank has just 3 plastic plants so any fish that needs a ton of cover or live plants to munch on isn't what I'm going for. I have soft, acidic water and so I'd need fish that can do ok in that. Lastly, the tank is 36 long, 12 wide, and 20 tall. Thank you so much for any suggestions!
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