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  1. 😭 My 20 gallon crashed. Seven of my fish died overnight (Neons and Corydoras). I suspect a contaminate of some sort from grandkids. I can't prove it, but everything was fine when I went to bed, and the kids were in my room when I woke. Water parameters are zero ammonia and nitrite, 20 ppm nitrate, and 7 pH. One lonely Black Neon holding its own after a 80% water change. 

    1. xXInkedPhoenixX


      What a terrible thing to wake to. So sorry!

  2. Hi. Do you know how the worm came to be in your tank?
  3. Upgraded to 20 gallons  already.  Need lotsa plants20211027_170411.jpg.85bf11ece5423b3fd73b76ccc5ce162a.jpg

  4. I'm baaack😁 Hello fellow fishkeepers, Returning to the hobby and looking to learn what's new and what of my "Former knowledge" is still good. I kept livebearers for 20+ years and had to stop 6 years ago due to health issues. Starting over with a 10 gallon so I don't to too much damage starting over.
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