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  1. I think that might be it! https://aquariumscience.org/index.php/10-13-4-aquarium-leeches/ No wonder I could never find the answer I was always searching for worms and never considered leeches until coming here. Thanks for the help Indlers and everyone that contributed!
  2. They move almost like leeches. The thing that makes me question earthworm is the fact that they don't avoid the light at all.
  3. It doesn't seem like an earthworm. They must be breeding because I notice various sizes from really small up to the one inch ones. not quite as long but similar more of a salmon pink color
  4. The worm sort of inches along with a sucking mouth part. They mostly hang out in the substrate. I've seen them poke half their body out of the substrate and undulate their upper part in the water. They are also very fast swimmers and can scrunch their bodies up very small. I think there is a little suction thing on one end so they can inch along the glass too. I've seen them eat dead snails and they eat the shrimp pellets also. Thanks for helping in the search.
  5. I noticed one over a year ago...I'm pretty sure it came with some plants I ordered. I have them in my shrimp tank also. Another possibility is that they may have come in in with live daphnia cultures I ordered on ebay .
  6. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what this worm is? There is no pointy head so I don't think it's planaria. Data the Betta has eaten these before but most of the time they squirm their way out of his mouth. The bigger ones are about an inch long.
  7. My betta fish eats bladder snails every once in a while. He swallows them whole, shell and all. I've also seen him suck them out of the shell but he has to be quick. Before I caught him in the act I was wondering why he was so fat when I came home from work lol.
  8. Thanks for the reply Lynze...I will wait until Saturday and see if it feels mushy.
  9. Hello everyone~ I purchased a dwarf aquarium lily from the co-op and had it for a little over a week. I took it out to check on it during a water change and it smelled awful. The bulb didn't feel mushy but there is some white fungus growing on it. No new growth yet. Is it normal for the bulbs to be that stinky? Thanks~
  10. I have Maracyn Two on hand but I heard having hard water makes it not effective. Thanks for the reply Jared I'm waiting on Ich-x to arrive so I have that in case. The spot is still there, I'm going to wait to treat until I see it getting worse for now.
  11. Well....upon further inspection the growth is still there. It's really hard to see unless he's at the right angle with the right lighting. I'll just wait and see for now.
  12. Update: The spot appears to have gone away. I ordered some meds from Cory for any future problems. I think you were right hobbit and I appreciate your insight. I'm not sure if the bump on his back is anything to be worried about or not but as of now everything seems to be okay. I'll update if anything changes.
  13. Thanks for the reply Hobbit! Do you recommend Ich-X for the fungus? Here is a picture of DATA shortly after I got him. I think he's always had that weird lump. I think he was just being derpy when he was swimming away in the video. I haven't noticed any problems with him staying upright. There isn't a chance it would be some kind of anchor worm on him? That was the only theory I had innitially. I've never heard of algae growing on a wound before. I'm glad I found this forum there's a lot of knologable people on here. The temperatue of my tank is 83 degrees.
  14. Hello everybody~ Does anyone have any ideas as to what this white thing is on my Betta's ventral fin? I have him in a 10 gallon planted tank with bladder snails. His behavior seems normal. I've had him for about 4 months. This is actually my first fish. I tried to research what this growth could be, but nothing I found seems to look like that. I was hoping someone with more experience could have an answer. Water Parameters PH-8.2 Nitrate-5 Nitrite-0 Ammonia-0 GH-100 KH-160 Tetra Test Strips Thank you~
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