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  1. I was really hoping the AR would grow love the way the plant looks, but the last stalk gave up last night and is floating around now. I thankost of my problems with this plant and the slow growth of the other plants is my light. Yesterday I was cleaning the class hoods and had both on one side. The water had the shimmer effect where you could see the surface agitation. So we've started saving for some better lighting. I know many people have said it before and I can say without a doubt it's true. Go ahead and spend the money on good lighting.
  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll try trimming it today during the water change.
  3. Week 10. Still chugging along. During water change today I'll add some more root tabs to try and get the val growing taller, and one or two under some of the other plants. The danio that was put into quarantine is still alive but unable to swim properly. Hair algae is in decline but green algae is on the rise.
  4. Week 9. Had another Oto pass and a zebra danio go back into quarantine. It is swimming very erratic and having problems with the current. The zebra danios were really small when we got them and not that there getting bigger I'm starting to notice some bent spines and off coloring. Every thing else is good. The SAE is starting to make a dent in the hair algae and some of the Denison Barbs are following him and trying to eat it too. Thanks to the root tabs the sword has already sent up 4 new leaves and looking strong I'll try to post water parameters tonight after water change.
  5. Week 8. No problems this week. Also No water change this week. The numbers all look good so I'm going to try and go two weeks this time. The last three Denison barbs will be out of quarantine tonight. That will put this tank at eight of them. Still no new plants, hopefully by the end of the month it will be cool enough to order them. Not because of the Co-op (there shipping is outstanding), but because my mail is in a car trunk from abot 5 am untill noon or so. Its to hot for that. In the top left of the pic you can see there food varieties. Water right now is. Ammonia 0 Nitrate 10 Nitrite 0 Hardness 150 Buffer 80 pH 7.2 Chlorine 0
  6. Week 7 over and done. New fish came out of quarantine, two Oto's. Love these little guys. Originally had 3 but one didn't make it out of quarantine. Tank is doing good. Fish are all happy l, even had the danios spreading eggs. Instead of posting the tank numbers I took three pictures of the test strips. The first one is before water change next one is after and third is after dosing fertilizer. Just can't wait until it cools back off a bit to order some more plants.
  7. When I went to get back into the hobby. I did a lot of research, to see what had changed in 12 year's. The more I looked online the more the Co-op came up. I really liked the factual way the Co-op presented the information. No filler or well this is what these YouTube people said. It was real facts and well research products.
  8. Week 6 over and done. Unlike last week everything went well. 3 more fish came out of quarantine. Two redlines and a SAE. As you can see from the photos the SAE couldn't have come at a better time. The hair algae has had a growth explosion. No other Cory cats have gotten sick. The reservoir situation has cleared up, our city put a new filtration system on the water coming in from there. It has really helped a lot. I also added some root tabs to the area the val is moving into. Just did a 25% water change. Water tested. Ammonia 0 Nitrate 25 Nitrite 0 Hardness 300 Buffer 80 Ph 7.6 Chlorine 0
  9. Unfortunately the smallest albino corydora didn't make. He was fine when I left this morning. Just got home to find him dead. All the other Corydoras are out foraging and look great. Hopefully this was a one off with the water and sickness.
  10. Week 5 down, and what a week it was. I'm happy to report that all the fish are still alive. Last week I talked about how the city water was messed up and I wasn't doing a water change. Well Sunday I talked to the city and they said it was all cleared up and no problems. Went home after church ran the water it was clear and tested fine. Did a 25% water change. The next morning saw that the fish were acting a little off. Darting up and down, tested tank nothing was off. Tuesday lights come on at noon see some white spots on a couple fish and all the Cory's were in the corner barley moving. The spots were definitely ich. Couldn't get any ick-x so I used API Super ick cure. Followed the instructions treated for 4 days. Did a 25% water change today. Everyone is doing great except the smallest Cory cat. He's not moving around alot. I did see him eat a little during feeding this evening. Back to the city water. The reservoir we get to blind with the well water had high manganese and some other chemicals. That I'll have to wait until next week to find out what they were, when they release the official report. I did have 2 plants added this week. Water Wisteria and a Amazon Sword. I also added a longer bobble wand the old one clogged up. Almost forgot the tub I was using for a quarantine tank started showing some signs of fatigue. So I went down to the store and got a 10 gallon kit to replace it. The water tested almost the same as last week except Hardness was up somewhere between 150 and 300 and Buffer was 180.
  11. That's one month! Things are still going good. We added 6 albino Corydon and 2 Hill stream loaches. No water change this week the city is flushing all the pipes. Tank tested Nitrate 25 Nitrates 0 Hardness 150 Buffer 120 Ph 7.6 Chlorine 0 Ammonia 0 Water temperature is 74°f Lights are on 9 hours a day, from noon until 9pm I'll be changing out and recharging the purigen today. I test using aquarium co-op test strips.
  12. Yes seeing growth was quite a relief. Not knowing if a plant will live in your environment seeing it melt then all the sudden it comes back and flourishes really can make your day. I still don't know if the Scarlet temple will make it but it has roots and some new leaves so there is a chance.
  13. Week 3 down. Pla ts are starting to grow, corkscrew val is sending out new plants so are micro sword and dwarf sagittaria. All the cryptocoryne are growing new leafs and the Tiger Lotus is really starting to take off. Algae has started ( green and hair) moved the lighting back to 8 hours a day. The scarlet temple has mostly melted away but a couple of stocks have so.e really tiny green leaves. The fish are all doing well. Not all 6 of the giant danios were giant danios. Two were peal danios. Water is Ammonia 0 Nitrate 25 Nitrite 0 Hardness 150 Buffer 120 Ph 7.2 Chlorine 0 These are numbers before dosing fertilizer. I am only going to dose half fertilizer today. After dosing all numbers were same except Nitrate it's darker than 25 but not as dark as 50.
  14. Im about 2 hours 45 min from Dallas off I44. I'm very limited on stores other than petco and petsmart and a places I won't walk in again there is one more to try this weekend. As for the crypts I really want to get a pink flamingo.
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