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  1. Haha, I’m not sure what the plant is on the left because it came with the tank when I got 2 years ago. I thought maybe it was some kind of Bacopa?
  2. Thanks. In general we’re actually more restricted in what species are available, like you aren’t allowed to have shrimp or nerite snails, but we can get arowanas. It also seems like rainbow fish are a lot more common then I remember them being in the USA.
  3. Hi, I’m Christine(Chris), an American expat currently living/working in New Zealand. I have a planted 260 litre(65 gallon aquarium) with mollies,guppies, neons, whiptails, corys, and bristlenose. I’m really excited because the aquarium co op is now shipping to New Zealand, and I just placed my first order!!!!!
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