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  1. I’m going to grab used filter media from my friends tank. Once I place that in my filter how long should that then take to cycle?
  2. I started cycling my tank 11 days ago. It’s fishless but I did add ammonia (started at 2ppm) and api quick start. Tank is 37g. Ph is 7.6. Yesterday I went to a fish store and purchased a fish but won’t be getting him until this is cycled. While I was there the guy gave me about half a gallon of water from one of his tanks that he squeezed out his sponge filter into and it was super dirty so I assume it grabbed a bunch of stuff to help. I poured it into my tank. How long do you think I should be seeing changes for the cycle? I did it last night and my ammonia now looks like it’s at 1ppm but idk if it’s like that because I added some water or not but nitrites is 0. I did nitrates for the heck of it and I think it’s a little orange? It’s strange the tube looks orange but when I pick it up and look through it in the sunlight it’s yellow but a tad more yellowy orange than the 0 level yellow if that makes sense lol (using api test kit)
  3. today I bough a flowerhorn and want to get the food delivered before I go pick him up. What food do you suggest> I dont care about the size of the hump on his head but I do want something that will make him keep his colors or even help the colors. Thanks in advance!
  4. well I will def check them out when my tank is cycled and hopefully it will be in stock by then! thank you
  5. ooohhh! sunset dwarf rainbowfish and dwarf neon rainbowfish are pretty cool looing. If i did those how many of each should I stock? also thanks so much for ur help/recommendations!
  6. Thanks everyone! I saw on a website that dwarf gourami's can be kept with bolivian ram's and also boesemani rainbows. Could I get all three for the tank? And if so, how many of each? For gourami's i'll probably do the honey or pearl or even sunset since they are less aggressive. And would only get one male. Would this work or no? Im not sure how accurate the site is.
  7. I have had a tank that's 37 gallons set up for about a week. It's still in the cycling process so I am doing my research on what fish I want to put in there. I originally wanted to do some type of cichlid but my tank is just too small. I never thought of owning Gourami's but I did just see a bunch at petco today and they were in all different colors and beautiful! If I did an all gourami tank, how many could I keep in it? Also, are all different types compatible together? I saw dwarf, pearl, honey, paradise and a few others I cant remember and they were all stunning! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I have a 37 gallon tank cycling right now. I also have a 90 gallon but I havent set that one up yet. I plan on using media from the 37 to jumpstart the 90 but right now im struggling with the 37. I started the cycle on Wed. I added ammonia to the tank, its at 2 ppm. I also added API quick start to the tank. I havent seen any progress whatsoever on it. I know it takes 6-8 weeks to cycle but even the first step? I thought I should see progress within the first week. Is there an easier way to do this? I dont have any established media unfortunately to use 😞 Maybe theres a better bottle with bacteria I can buy to use? Or should I just empty it all out and do a fish in cycle?
  9. So I am in the process of setting up a new 90 gallon tank. I have some fish I really want, but others im unsure if compatible? It's so hard to search one by one which fish are compatible with which. The fish I 100% want are: electric blue acara severums blood parrot Fish I am wondering if compatible: geophagus such as steindachneri, balzanii, pellegrini, pearl cichlid, altifrons, ect. I love almost all the geophagus species Any help appreciated! thanks in advance.
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