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Found 8 results

  1. OK - My friendly local fish store guy is a bit on the 'unorthodox' side. He has some notions that seem weird to me: 1- Water in my area is on hard side ( 6 degrees +/-) and acidic - 7.5 +/-. Guy says he doesn't believe ph adjusters. All tropical fish need neutral ph so I need a dedicated water supply. [He doesn't sell them.] He has one for his 50 some odd tanks in the store... 2 - Use only digital thermometers - all others are inaccurate. 3 - Severum are peaceful and good with plants. ( I've kept severum, and they never seemed that way to me...) 4 - Endlers are ugly ( a matter of taste obviously - I like them) 5 - All tropicals need/thrive in neutral ph except cichlids, which are tolerant of everything from 6.5 to 8.5 6 - All fish die from bad conditions and overcrowding. 7 - No hospital tank ('if you get from a reliable breeder, you shouldn't have sick fish. If you do, it means there is something wrong with the whole tank - hospital tank won't fix that...) 8 Fish don't grow dependent on tank size. If a fish doesn't grow to its full size (he claims a dempsy can get to 18 inches...) and then dies after a good few years, it's because of bad water conditions. ( A big and disputed topic, I realize) I know that each one of these questions requires a separate discussion, but overall, what do you guys think about such things? Is this guy crazy? Some kind super duper fish guru? An idiot? I can only say that I have kept fish seriously twice for a number of years, and never used a digital thermometer (they didn't have them) , always used ph adjusters for tap water, and always had a hospital tank.
  2. I purchased two baby red shoulder severums at the same time/place about 4 months ago. One of them was bullying the other one so after a few days of getting them I removed the bully into my peaceful 75 gallon planted tank until I could get him his own home. The severum that was the bullied one never really came out from hiding and died shortly after. I would say it lived about one month from the time I purchased him. So now it has been about 4 months and they bully severum has not grown at all. For awhile I thought he was going to die because he looked pale with his stripes barley showing and hid and never ate. In the last two months he has gotten his colors back his black stripes look great he comes out all the time now. He seems interested in food and try's to get some but spits it back out. I feed him in his own space to help encourage him to eat. I assume he is getting something because he is still alive, but he has not grown at all since the day I brought him home. You can see in the photo that he is out at feeding time. All of the other fish in this tank are in perfect health. He is still only about 1 inch in size, I don't know why he wont grow. Any suggestions?
  3. So I am in the process of setting up a new 90 gallon tank. I have some fish I really want, but others im unsure if compatible? It's so hard to search one by one which fish are compatible with which. The fish I 100% want are: electric blue acara severums blood parrot Fish I am wondering if compatible: geophagus such as steindachneri, balzanii, pellegrini, pearl cichlid, altifrons, ect. I love almost all the geophagus species Any help appreciated! thanks in advance.
  4. Any tips to increase fertility for Male severum? Spawning is not an issue, actually been trying to slow the female down to give the male time to recuperate. he's fertile for sure cause had wigglers, but so far it's one for 8 tries. he does hover over the eggs, so seems like he's into the whole process, just most times eggs remain unfertilized... Thanks!
  5. My Hero Severum had what I think is a wound on his side. Was not there yesterday. He is about 5 1/2 inches long and thick. Eats well and great color, appears very healthy. I'm thinking he might have scraped himself on an edge of lava rock which I have throughout the tank. Just hoping it's not disease, but I don't think so. Wanted to get additional opinions. I will add some extra salt at next water change, maybe help him heal ? Add stress coat ? Any input would be appreciated 👍 Thx GG
  6. Hey guys. Severum Keeper here, named after the favorite fish I've kept. Unfortunately, I don't actually have my severum anymore - but more on that later. I kept fish since I was a kid - first in a tiny bowl when I really didn't know any better, and later in a 10 gallon tank (that died when my dad scrubbed the tabk because he thought it was too dirty!) And then a 28 (which I still have as a quarantine tank) which originally was a community but became overrun with convict cichlids breeding after I got some bad advice at Petco.... Today, I have a 75 gallon South American community tank. I've got five angels, five* kinds of tetra (Red Serpae, Black Serpae, Lemon, Rummynose, and Neon), a handful of corydoras, and a rubbernose pleco. One shows my tank as it was in January. Unfortunately, in hindsight, you can also see what would kill my severum. On his side you can see the very beginning of a stubborn case of hole in head. Things got worse, and I first realized the scale of the problem right around the start of quarantine. I wasn't able to save him. The next image shows my tank as it is today. I'd lost my passion for the tank and gone into maintenance only mode at some point after my severum died - he was by far the coolest fish I'd ever kept, and survived a move (I actually didn't lose a single fish during a move or for a few months afterwards. I was incredibly proud of that!). I did water changes and fed the fish but I didn't maintain my plants or buy new fish at any point. My tetras were dwindling (the lemons hadn't lost a single one! But I had lost a number of the others, I hadn't been replacing fish since before the move as i anticipated it being a pain). But the aquarium hobby ALWAYS ropes me back in, and eventually I fixed up my tank, pruned the plants (leaving those alone for months was actually the best thing - they grew out of control and I was able to propagate them), and got everything up to shape. The other image shows two of my angels squaring off. One downside to spreading out the plants is that while there are more of them they are lower down, and provide less of a mask, so I've been having more angel aggression lately. Nothing terrible, but they square off more than usual. That was another benefit to the severum in that tank - whenever the angels got boisterous he'd go swim over and they'd break it up. *the Neon tetras are so inappropriate in this tank that they must be explained. As part of the move we also had to take down a tank my wife had in her classroom, a 10 gallon with a beta and some Neon tetras. The beta had died years ago and eventually one by one so did the Neons, but two survived alone in that tank, preventing us from tearing it down. But we really didn't want to move TWO tanks, and I'd recently planted the 75, so we said: maybe they'll have enough places to hide that they'll survive. And somehow, more than a year later, they're doing great! I'd even considered getting them some friends but I don't want to push my luck. Now, to my request... I fixed up the tank a fee months ago. Since then I got a new batch of red and black tetras and a few more corydoras. I figured I'd get their schools up to par before introducing anything else. But now I think it's time for a centerpiece fish once again. As my username suggests I'm very partial to severums. So I was leaning towards one of those, either another super red or a green natural morph this time. But I'm wondering if there are any more wild ball options out there. One idea would be to get geophagus. But I'm worried they'll destroy my plants once and for all. I saw people recommending Threadfin Acara? I'm nervous about Acara in general because early in this tank's life I got a Blue Acara - supposedly a peaceful fish - and it BIT THE HEAD off an angelfish right in front of me. Back to the store it went. Another idea would be to do rams. I'd kept 3 rams in the tank at One point but Ive never had great luck with them. However I understand they do well in big groups... I could get a bunch of rams instead of a big fish. I'm taking a friend who doesn't know much about fish to some aquarium stores tomorrow and just might pick something up. Anything unique I can look for?
  7. Hi, I know Blood parrot males are supposed to be sterile, but they did it. I have wigglers, I saw the tail coming out of the egg... because the mother Severum was trying to eat eggs ( probably the white ones) and the Parrot dad and her were locking lips I had to the the out of the tank (before they hatched) . I have the rock with the wigglers in a 5 Gallon with heater and airstone. What's the best practice from here? Should I move the Parrot dad in with the wigglers? Thanks!
  8. pH - 7.8 Nitrates - 20-40ppm Hardness - about 390ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - about 150ppm Water Temperature - 78F In my 100g tank, my 2 severums have developed a massive ich infestation. I have no idea why but I suspect due to stress cause I previously had a green terror here and well, terrorized the whole tank. He has been moved now but the severums are in bad shape, but the thing is, only the severums ahve ich, the blood parrot, the vieja and the Oscar are completely free of it. How would you treat ich in this scenario? Mind you, it is a big, 100g tank so I would like a cheaper alternative to ICH - X. I have purchased aquarium salt (attached), Do you think this will be enough to get rid of the ich? I remember Cory saying in a livestream that with Cichlids he always uses salt cause they can tolerate it no problem. I've even see them hiding all the time, they're super stressed it seems.
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