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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I added this male dwarf gourami to my 18-gallon a couple of weeks ago. Up until this morning, he had been perfectly healthy and swimming fine. However, this morning I woke up and saw he was swimming a little strange, when I went to take a closer look I saw a strange lump sort of thing under his mouth. It also appears that his gills are inflamed almost. I did a water change after taking the photos. This is my first time keeping gouramis and if anyone knows what this might be it would be great if you could inform me about it. Water parameters: Nitrate: ~20 ppm Nitrite: ~0 ppm Ammonia: ~ 0 ppm pH: 7 KH: ~ 40 ppm GH: ~ 80 ppm
  2. Hi all, I have ben wanting to put a dwarf gourami of some kind in with my guppy planted tank. The tank is 55 gallons so there is lots of space for the gourami away from the guppies. I recently was watching a YouTube video where they claimed Sparkling Gourami's wouldn't like being kept with guppies or other livebearers. I am wondering if this is true since I have not heard this from anyone else. Has anyone had any experience keeping sparkling Gourami's with guppies? Also if you have kept a Honey Gourami or Sparkling Gourami what did you like or dislike about them? I am stuck between keeping one or the other with the Guppies.
  3. Hello again! So, my fish have been together for a little while now... My gourami is not a peaceful guy. He killed the other gourami, and now he's terrorizing my tetras. I am not sure what to do with him. Would I be the worst if i put him into my parents tank with some Blood Parrots? Or would I be better off setting him up, alone, in a 10 gallon? I have a 5 set up, but I feel like it's too small? Any advice would be great. Thank you! Edited to add: He's a pearl gourami.
  4. I have had a tank that's 37 gallons set up for about a week. It's still in the cycling process so I am doing my research on what fish I want to put in there. I originally wanted to do some type of cichlid but my tank is just too small. I never thought of owning Gourami's but I did just see a bunch at petco today and they were in all different colors and beautiful! If I did an all gourami tank, how many could I keep in it? Also, are all different types compatible together? I saw dwarf, pearl, honey, paradise and a few others I cant remember and they were all stunning! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Finally got my Paradise fish to breed. Learned so much from this forum and community. I believe this is my 13th species ive successfully bred! Mom and Dad + Eggs (White Dots in the bubbles)
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