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  1. So, I am probably one of the few people that didn't have a Betta growing up (not that I remember anyway)...I think we may have had a goldfish at one point, but never had a Betta... Well, now that I have two tanks (my "supposed to be my only tank" 29G community and my "you're not going to throw those in the yard, give them to me" rescue tank) I figured I'll just add a third...hubs didn't mind and is totally on board with me getting a Betta, and isn't even balking at buying one from a breeder vs. the big box store, so we'll see what happens πŸ™‚ I started setting up the tank a few weeks ago to get the plants going and make sure I liked how the tank looked and everything - this way if I wanted to re-scape, I wasn't disturbing anyone's actual home... Here's what I have so far I also have small rock caves that will be going in on the left where the river rock is now - I wanted to add a hiding place other than under the driftwood in case he/she wanted something a little more private. I'm going to move the rotala from the back left over to the right with the bacopa. I am apparently not meant to grow bacopa, no matter what I do it just melts away...what's left there is more than two pots worth of bacopa...I've got maybe three viable stems and the rest just completely disintegrated...I am going through a diatom stage at the moment (the S. Repens isn't actually dying), and I forgot that I had thrown that chain sword from my 29 in the top of the tank...please ignore, that's not staying...I really like how the frogbit is going, but I am not a fan of the long roots...I may see if my brother-in-law will part with some of his salvinia which should have much shorter roots (can't get red root floaters to work either) I'm looking to put one or two thorned nerites and one nerite in the tank this weekend to help with the diatoms and be my algae crew going forward. My thought is that they will be the only ones in the tank with the Betta and since they are pretty small and the Betta will have so much room that there shouldn't be much of an issue. (fingers crossed...but, they can always move to the rescue tank if needed) I am keeping my eyes out for a Betta that I can't live without, but I'm not in a rush, I'm leaning towards blue because I don't have anything blue yet, but I've seen some really pretty red koi that are pretty tempting...definitely looking for a plakat or a female...I'm not trying to figure out those long flowy fins right now πŸ™‚ That's all for now, I wanted to start this journal as a record of my first Betta experience and I hope to have more in the future πŸ™‚
  2. Still fighting some algae issues as you can see below, but I have figured out the issue (high Phosphate, and my light was too high)...I am getting control slowly and the Easy Carbon is helping to kill what is in there enough for the shrimp, otos and nerites to eat it. I'm not too concerned with the stuff on the rocks or driftwood (I actually kind of like it), but trying to get rid of the stuff on the leaves...the new growth is coming in and not getting any algae on it as it grows, so I'm slowly trying to trim off the worst of the algae covered leaves to allow new leaves to come in stronger...it will be a slow process, but I'm up to the challenge...frankly, its not really hurting anything and the tank is running really smoothly, so I'm fine with it for now One thing I have learned with this tank (other than learning about plants) is that I am not a huge fan of having a bigger tank with nano fish...Once these fish have lived their lives, I think my next setup will be fewer fish, but slightly larger (maybe platies, or swordtails...something colorful)...(and I'll definitely lay my heater down in the back instead of upright as it is now πŸ˜‰) I lost my first CPD the other day, I'm not sure what happened, the parameters haven't changed in weeks...it was on the smaller side, so I'm wondering if it was getting out-competed for food...the CPDs tend to stay towards the bottom of the tank when I'm feeding and the embers are like little lunatics towards the top...there was no visible damage to the CPD, just found him stuck to the intake when I got home from work 😞 I'll keep updating as my algae issues continue to balance out...and I'll try to get a pic of my Honey gourami and some of my more stellar CPDs (some of the bigger males have amazing coloration 😍), but here's a recent pic of my tank as it is for now
  3. My future Betta tank (10g) - making sure I can balance it and get the plants growing before I get my Betta (not sure if I'll add Amanos and/or Nerites yet) My rescue tank - one guppy and one endler have the run of the place (10g) My 29g - battling some algae, but home to ember tetras, CPDs, amanos, nerites and a honey gourami
  4. @Expectorating_Aubergine I see what you did there...lol congrats @Irene I love your channel and videos!!!
  5. so sorry for your loss πŸ˜ͺ RIP Mom fish, I hope its a yellow rose bush ❀️
  6. Hi. What lids have you tried so far, and why do you think you're not getting the right fit?
  7. @lmhicks101 the carbon is up to you, the only time I really use it is if I'm trying to get meds out of the water after a treatment. If you have any way of getting actual media from the LFS, that would almost insta-cycle your tank but I would definitely try to add more media to your filter instead of the carbon. One suggestion I would have is that you may want to remove some of the food you have in there...it seems like a lot and doesn't seem to be breaking down very quickly - if you have flake, that usually breaks down fairly quickly, or try crushing the blood worms before you throw them in (?) To add to your list of possible plants - I've had really good luck with rotala and Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus in my tank (also running a 29 with stratum) PSO grows really fast and my schooling fish love it!
  8. Ruggable makes indoor and outdoor rugs in various sizes and patterns, they have a pad under the rug and the rugs are machine washable, they are pretty thin, not the pad is not waterproof, but the covers are water-resistent so water doesn't absorb too fast, so it doesn't seep through the pad onto your floors...I have them covering my wood floors with messy kids and dogs and haven't had any issues...they also clean nicely
  9. so...I am getting over the loss of my froggy friend (slowly) - sometimes doing some scaping (with the help of a credit card, my LFS and the ACO website) is all that you can do to get over a loss...or maybe I'm just using it as an excuse πŸ˜‰ my two rescues are still doing well - I think I'm just going to leave them in there on their own...maybe add a nerite, but not much else other than that...let them have a nicely planted tank to themselves and keep them happy for as long as I can πŸ™‚ here's an updated picture of the tank after some rescaping (my crypt needs to do some growing, but I'm confident that it will look pretty awesome once it grows up a little bit)
  10. I haven't had ramshorns, but have had bladder snails - I just pluck them out whenever I see them and try to get them as soon as I can. Its tedious, but eventually you should be able to get them out and they're not going to hurt anything while they're in there, so you're ok until you finally get them out. I haven't tried snail traps yet, but those would definitely work as well - I would definitely stay away from trying any meds...they're not harmful, just annoying @Phantom240 yes! exactly why I want a pea puffer...that, and they're so cute!! (now I just need the space for another tank πŸ˜‰ )
  11. Love the driftwood you found! I'm sure Louie will enjoy swimming around it (especially if you have some plants on it!). I am currently working on two 10 gallon tanks...one has gravel with root tabs and the other has stratum...so far they are both working, so the small bag of stratum and sand will probably work really well. I look forward to following your project!
  12. take it out of the pot and remove as much wool as you can, plant in the substrate and use root tabs right at the roots here's an article with some tips on how different plants like to be planted: Quick Guide: How to Plant Live Aquarium Plants in Freshwater Tanks – Aquarium Co-Op (aquariumcoop.com) here are a few videos that you can review as well if needed: Getting Started with Live Aquarium Plants | Aquarium Co-Op (aquariumcoop.com) good luck!! you're definitely in the right place - welcome πŸ˜€
  13. mine love my jungle of PSO and do like also hiding in the rock under my driftwood...they love Fluval Bug Bites, Omega One veggie pellets, Hikari micro bites and of course frozen BBS (the pellets are kept in a pepper grinder because they were super tiny and even the tiny pellets were too big for them) good luck with them, I'm sure the tank will be awesome - when the males fully color up, they are amazing!! good luck in college!!
  14. Absolutely devastated - I was a little worried yesterday when my girl wouldn't eat (actually swam away from it) and I came home from work today to find her face down in one of the crypts 😒 I'm not sure what I did wrong, or if she was sick. When we got her out she did have some kind of slime on her, but other than that, she had been swimming and eating up until the last day or two. I tested the water yesterday and everything was perfect and had been for the whole time she was in there, so I'm not sure what happened. I just hope that I didn't do something wrong and maybe she just wasn't healthy when I took her in 😒 I'm just really sad that I couldn't save her 😞 RIP little cutie
  15. Absolutely devastated - I was a little worried yesterday when my girl wouldn't eat (actually swam away from it) and I came home from work today to find her face down in one of the crypts 😒 I'm not sure what I did wrong, or if she was sick. When we got her out she did have some kind of slime on her, but other than that, she had been swimming and eating up until the last day or two. I tested the water yesterday and everything was perfect and had been for the whole time she was in there, so I'm not sure what happened. I just hope that I didn't do something wrong and maybe she just wasn't healthy when I took her in 😒 I'm just really sad that I couldn't save her 😞 RIP little cutie
  16. @Odd Duck so jealous, my red root floaters end up with some of the leaves sinking under the water and then getting algae on them...can't get them to take off like I want them to 😐
  17. @Nooby yeah, I wasn't able to save any of them. I am looking at getting a java fern and a buce just in case. thanks!
  18. @Guppysnail I haven't really gotten a good answer for how long anubias rot stays in a tank, but it definitely seems to be contagious - I lost the one of the left first, and removed the other two over the weekend. I am probably going to add a java fern and a buce in there just to be safe and leave the anubias for my future betta tank πŸ™‚ (I'll have to start a journal for that one too haha). I have two crypts in there now (wendtii and lucens) and am probably going to add some more floating plants - the ADF likes floating in them
  19. So, a few weeks ago I rescued two guppies, an endler and an ADF from being tossed in someone's back yard because they didn't want to take care of them anymore (after less than a month). Well, the tank they came from was only about 8 gallons and it was divided - fish on one side and originally three ADFs on the other. I'm pretty sure the water had never been changed and the ammonia was so bad you could smell it. Fast forward a few weeks and I have sadly lost one of my guppies, I think the previous tank conditions as well as some bullying from the other guppy took its toll on him and he unfortunately just didn't make it. The remaining guppy and the endler get along pretty well - or at least I haven't seen any damage on either of them. So I am going to start replanting and rescaping the tank to "tailor" it more for the ADF and her future friends. I am hoping to get the plants to settle in and start growing and then I'll get two more ADFs to keep my solo girl company. As I get new plants and new scape in I'll update and then hopefully there will be pics of some new ADFs in the fall πŸ™‚ when I first set the tank up - anubias have since died from anubias rot 😐 My lonely ADF πŸ™‚ Endler Guppy RIP 😞
  20. @skipper and @Theresa W thanks, I think I'll work on increasing my plant stock before I get her some buddies (pretty sure a female). I lost all three anubias to rot, so not sure if I can put more anubias back in or what the rule is for that, I do have some red root floaters in there, and I have some frogbit on order. I do have a large jungle of PSO in my main tank that I could trim and put in there, but not sure...I do have some crypt spiralis in my main tank that is basically hidden behind all the pogo, so I could steal that for the back wall...hmmm... For hiding spots, I have one terra cotta pot in there and I just got a couple more that I want to put in there because she finally found it and loves it, and for $.79 you can't really get a better decoration for that price! She also loves to hide under the sponge filter...she looks like a skydiver under there πŸ˜† Once I get the plants established, then I think I'll get two frogs...that's my plan...for now at least πŸ™‚ I think I'm going to start a journal for this tank so I can track my progress πŸ™‚ thank you everyone for your help and support!!!
  21. @xXInkedPhoenixX thanks! I'm also glad to see that my girl isn't the only one who feels the need to squeeze herself into spaces not meant for her...lol
  22. I got three different anubias from my LFS and they all ended up with rot. How long does the virus/bacteria stay in the water? can you add new anubias after a period of time? Or would it be safer to add java fern or buce instead? I have an awesome crypt lutea and a baby crypt wendtii and some RRF and floating water sprite in there, but wanted some more non-floating plants and want to attach them to the cholla wood - should I re-boil the wood to kill anything that may be left on the wood??
  23. I had one that did the same thing - it sprouted several leaves, but I don't think it ever actually rooted. I ended up pitching it (I got it for free, so no loss I guess). I just bought a Co Op bulb, and it sprouted two days after I put it in there, so I'm pretty sure I just had a bad bulb the last time. I had it in Stratum substrate and even added root tabs when it wasn't sprouting, so it should have had plenty of nutrients. good luck with your bulb!
  24. I am sad to say that my black and white guppy didn't make it. I'm not sure if the damage from the other guppy was more extensive that it seemed, or he just never really recovered from being in the other tank in such poor water. The white guppy and the endler are still doing ok, so I think I'm just going to keep those as a pair. ADF experts - in a 10g with two fish, would it be best to get one more ADF, or should I get two? I have heard that ADFs are social, so I'd like to get mine at least one friend for her tank, but don't want to rush into anything and want to make sure I'm making the right decisions before I do anything
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