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  1. @laritheloud for a 30 gallon 3 pumps would be 3 ppm on the chart. You could basically replace the top column headers as 3,6,9,12,.....30. Hope that helps. I couldn't come up with a great way of explaining or showing it on the chart.
  2. It may be helpful if you provide a few more details like water parameters, size and type of pond, etc. I would think inducing spawning might be a challenge if you don't figure out why the fish are dying and address that first.
  3. Chemistry major... Your going to end up the forum expert on water paremeters, meds, and ferts if your not careful 🙂
  4. Not sure if you meant legit colorblind but my 8 year old son is color blind so I've been learning a little about it and the different color spectrums he can see better than others.... the API liquid ph. kit uses a different range of colors than the test strips in your picture. You may be able to pick up those colors a little better. That being said I'm not color blind and every time I test I'm always a little unsure of where to record it.
  5. After I find a place to hide it from my wife lol I am going to trying my hand at growing clippings from my stem plants and Java Fern plantlets and a livebearer with some color. I want to set up a bigger tank in my house so I was thinking I could use it to get a jump start on some things to transfer in the winter. I need to keep it limited to whatever I can do with stuff on hand so my free tote stays relatively "free." The first thing I need to do is make sure it hasn't been contaminated with chemicals or shine as @Fish Folk mentioned 🙂. I will get it cleaned up this week and get some water soaking in it and see if I can detect it leaching anything.
  6. @Isaac M Thanks for the feedback - ive added some clarifying notes and replaced the spreadsheet in my original post.
  7. @Mmiller2001 glad you liked it - feel free to use and share. I started looking up EI dosing and it occurred to me I really didn't understand what I was pumping in with an all in one fert. It helped me identify some areas where I maybe needed to augment.
  8. I am using the mini pre-sponge filter on an Aqauclear 20 and it touches the glass on the back. I think the 20 and 50 have similar clearances and intake tubes....
  9. @AlexaThe healthy looking one is an "Odessa Calla Lilly" I got at Lowes. I saw someone on youtube had a Calla Lilly set up the same way so I figured Id give it a try and its working out good so far. The other is an example of how to kill a Yellow Daylilly as fast as possible. I have a bunch of Daylillys in my yard...so after cutting grass my wheels started spinning and I thought Calla Lilly...Daylilly....both lillys...I bet it will thrive partially submerged... Turns out it doesn't work like that lol....it was pale and slumped over in under a few hours. I chopped off the leaves and now I'm just letting it go out of curiosity... ***not sure what the plural of lilly is....Lilly? Lillies? Lilliya? Lilli (like cacti)....
  10. Started my first stock tank a few weeks ago with a 100 gallon Rubbermaid. Its stocked with about 10 wild caught mosquito fish, 15 whiteclouds, and 8 celestial peal danios and some frogbit. To house the usb air pump and power supply for the lights I am using a plastic ammo can that can typically be found for pretty cheap at your local big box sporting goods store. They are perfect because they open up easily, close securely, have a seal on the lid, and are easy to drill. They come in a few different sizes as well...
  11. Attached is a quick cheat sheet I built based on some information @Mmiller2001 provided in another thread. It shows what your putting in your tank in PPM per dose of EasyGreen and Easy Iron. Nothing too fancy - just something that was helpful to me so I thought I would post. Seemed like the best place to hang it was in this existing thread. If anyone catches any errors let me know and I can edit or delete.
  12. Today on my commute home I out of the corner of my eye I spotted the corner of a 30 or 40 gallon storage tote barely sticking out of the brush on the side of the road - my brain immediately thought "FREE SUMMER TUB" After 2 u-turns on a 4 lane highway I pulled over in traffic to happily discover it was a heavy duty style and holding water....loaded it up....in true Alabama style I didn't even get one funny look from a passerby. I even had this sense of crazy urgency worried someone would beat me to it if I didnt get back to this barely visible tote in a matter of seconds.... All of this was not advisable behavior BTW 🙂
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