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  1. Don't worry about removing them...I dont feel HiJacked 🙂 What are the white flowers you have partially submerged?
  2. @MichelleN We had overnight lows in the 30s earlier this year and my water temps were in the low 50s; lately we have had our temps in the 80 to 90s and the water temp has been in the mid to high 70s at the peak of the day. The pond is under a covered patio so it gets partial sun. Your ponds are looking awesome...
  3. I was really happy with cherry shrimp from "The Shrimp Farm" They were sold as "Grade AA Red Cherry Shrimp." The color was great and I had no loss during shipping and only l out of 10 died since adding to my tank 2 months ago. They are breeding like crazy. Please note this is based on one purchase.
  4. Fluval Shrimp Bug Bites and Hikari Crab Cuisine. They love the crab cuisine and its fun to watch them all attack it. They seem to fill up on it pretty fast though and stop doing their day job of cleaning the tank....With the larger pellet size I have to remember to just do a bare minimum amount of pellets to avoid having it sit at the bottom.
  5. Update on the pond.... Ive gone through two phases of algae now. Pretty quickly the entire sides and bottom became covered in brown algae. About the same time I added two bundles of frogbit, the algae on the sides boomed and completely cleared. I was actually shocked how fast and thorough it cleared; at one point I was concerned some chemical got in the water. Apparently it was just nature doing its thing. About as fast as nature cleared the brown algae, nature did its next thing.....the water began to green up to the point you cant see more than about 2 inches deep. The water parameters look ok....slightly detectable Nitrites, and no Ammonia. In the pic below you can see on bundle of frogbit starting to spread out. The other bundle is in the back corner out of view. I am trying to turn that back corner behind the cinder blocks into a safe haven for baby fish. The Mosquitofish and WhiteClouds seem to be doing great and the pond snails of course are booming. The jury is out on the 8x CPD I put in since I haven't seen them since the pond greened up. I only get to see the Mosquitofish and Whiteclouds during feeding due to the green water. The CPD were really small so I am hoping they are just hiding. The photo is my GREEN water with only WHITE LED pond lights. It looks really cool in the picture, but looking forward to it clearing so I can see the fish again.
  6. I think it would be cool if you were able to accumulate rewards points on purchases. I've seen it work with other business models (REI co-op program for example) where rewards are only available to people who pay for memberships.
  7. Wanted to follow up to the post above and clarify something that I realized today that may be misleading about what I posted. The photo is on a rimless tank which causes the front of the filter to hang closer to the rear glass, hence the lack of clearance for anything larger...I have a Co-Op medium filter on hand and if the filter was mounted on a standard rimmed tank it would fit. Hope I didn't send anyone down the wrong path 😞
  8. I am quarantining some Glowlight tetras (not Glo) from a big box store and using the Co-Op med trio. I noticed the guidance Co-Op puts out says to not feed the fish during the first week. I was curious if anyone could educate me on the reason why. It seemed counterintuitive to me but I am sure there is a good reason... https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/faqs/how-to-use-quaratine-med-trio
  9. @laritheloud for a 30 gallon 3 pumps would be 3 ppm on the chart. You could basically replace the top column headers as 3,6,9,12,.....30. Hope that helps. I couldn't come up with a great way of explaining or showing it on the chart.
  10. It may be helpful if you provide a few more details like water parameters, size and type of pond, etc. I would think inducing spawning might be a challenge if you don't figure out why the fish are dying and address that first.
  11. Chemistry major... Your going to end up the forum expert on water paremeters, meds, and ferts if your not careful 🙂
  12. Not sure if you meant legit colorblind but my 8 year old son is color blind so I've been learning a little about it and the different color spectrums he can see better than others.... the API liquid ph. kit uses a different range of colors than the test strips in your picture. You may be able to pick up those colors a little better. That being said I'm not color blind and every time I test I'm always a little unsure of where to record it.
  13. After I find a place to hide it from my wife lol I am going to trying my hand at growing clippings from my stem plants and Java Fern plantlets and a livebearer with some color. I want to set up a bigger tank in my house so I was thinking I could use it to get a jump start on some things to transfer in the winter. I need to keep it limited to whatever I can do with stuff on hand so my free tote stays relatively "free." The first thing I need to do is make sure it hasn't been contaminated with chemicals or shine as @Fish Folk mentioned 🙂. I will get it cleaned up this week and get some water soaking in it and see if I can detect it leaching anything.
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