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  1. Thank you for all of the suggestions! I only had the breeder box for a very short time with the first round of babies when I was looking to add more, I was hoping they would feast on the babies a bit more than they have, they don’t seem to be interested! The parameters and everything are fine, I’ve gotten some more live plans since those photos have been taken and do regular water changes. It’s only a 10 gallon so just too many fish in a small space so it’s stunting the babies ability to grow. They have stayed pretty small for how old they are, and just want them to have plenty of space at a new home! I have loved my livebearing adventure and knew the risks of too many babies, mainly just get too attached to my fish friends 🙂
  2. Hi friends, I am surrendering some baby platy fish to a local fish/exotic pet rescue who sells fish to expert fish keepers as there are no good LFS’s in my area who truly care about fish. It is absolutely shattering my heart as I love these fish more than anything, but just don’t have any more room for all of the babies they keep having. For some more context, I got 6 platy fish from a LFS who I have since learned do not care for their fish as I had a bad case of ich when I brought them home (killed 3 of my 6) and every time I’ve gone to see the LFS since their fish look awful. I’ve grown very fond of those 3 survivors and they have had many batches of beautiful babies who I’ve also grown to love. However, I just don’t have a big enough tank to give them a long happy life anymore. I will be keeping a few of the same gender (at least one of the full grown adults and probably a couple of babies) but the rest will be gone. All of this to say, I feel like a crazy person being so attached to these fish that are like $1 at stores. I am absolutely heartbroken but know it is in the best interest of the fish to give them a chance to go to a home where they have nice big tank to thrive in. Any one else have a hard time getting rid of babies or am I too sensitive about this all? Photos are of my 3 surviving adults along with a needle felted version of the fish that my mom gave me a while back. ❤️
  3. Everybody stay calm, it’s happening!!!! Baby platy day!! I’ve caught about 3 so far and have them in a separate area. I’m glad I got something set up ahead of time!
  4. This is super helpful, thank you!
  5. So I’ve had these for a couple months. I had gotten a group of 6 (5 females, one male) and unfortunately they came with ich and it wiped out 3 of them very quickly before medication could help but three survived (two females, one male). and yes, I want to check with a couple LFS options. I had talked to the one that I got these platies from and they said they would buy babies off of me, but considering they sold me fish with ich and every time since that I’ve gone and looked at their fish since, they look in rough shape, I want to find them somewhere that will love them as much as I do. Or I’ll convince my fiancé to let me get a second bigger tank, lol 🙂
  6. If it’s any help, the male has been following her around 24/7 for about the last week and a half!
  7. Yay!! Thank you so much for confirming. I have quite a bit of plant cover in the corner of their tank, and I do have another small tank I can move them to if I can catch any. I also don’t have room for tons of platies once they grow up so as horrible as it sounds I’m kind of banking on them eating some of them 😬
  8. Hi! I am fairly new to the livebearer world, and this may be my first batch of babies! I think this female is pregnant but would love confirmation from you all. Thanks!
  9. I posted a while ago about how I had talked with my partner about wanting two tanks, and at the time we ended up agreeing to get one 10 gallon instead of my 5 gallon betta tank. Drago, my betta, got to enjoy the 10 gallon for a while before sadly passing. I was devastated, but I knew I wanted to keep my hobby going. I’ve only ever owned bettas, and as much as I love them I wanted to try my hand at another beginner fish. Enter the platy! We have hard water with a higher PH so we have the perfect parameters for these little guys. I also have a LFS ready to buy any babies when that time comes.
  10. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 0-.25, PH 7.8ish (always around there), temp 78. He is eating and greets me at the tank but then goes and hides in his plant all day. No rapid breathing
  11. Hello, My 1 year old plakat betta started to act lethargic and had some fin damage. about 1.5 months ago. His water parameters were fine, PH was a bit high but always is high. I put him in a quarantine tank with antibiotics and he started to do a ton better. I did a full water change in his main tank and put him back in. He was fine for a couple of weeks then started to get lethargic again. Now, I started to notice this bad discoloration on his tail. There is a nerite snail in the tank that has been there for about a year as well and some live plants. He’s in a 5.5 gallon heated tank. I add Indian almond leaves every once in a while for extra tannins. I’m devastated and feel like a horrible fish parent. Any insight into what’s wrong or any medication I can buy would be great.
  12. Thank you for the advice! I would love to give Drago a bigger thank, that is something we have discussed as well - maybe wait on a second tank and get one bigger tank. I also love aquarium plants so I wouldn’t be opposed to getting a bigger tank for him and getting some new plants 🙂 he’s a cranky boy so I’m a tad worried about having two tanks right next to each other but all things to think through.
  13. This was a really great way to think of it from another perspective! Finances aren’t a problem, but we are both busy and we could both be better about chores so I could totally see how that is part of it potentially. Definitely some great points to talk and think through, thank you! That is a great thought too! Maybe he’d be more open to it if it were a nice double tank stand. I’ll look into it more!
  14. Hi there! I am looking to get some advice/guidance on talking with my significant other about getting a second fish tank. Some context: I currently have a 5.5 gallon planted Betta tank with my year old plakat Drago and my nerite snail Leki in our living room. We have hard tap water and a higher PH (~8.2). So, for Drago’s tank, I have actually been using spring water which has worked out fantastically as the high PH had started taking a toll on him. He’s doing super well and loves his java fern for nap time 🙂 I have always loved fish and would love to get a second tank that is more of a community tank. Due to our water parameters, I was thinking of doing a platy tank. However, my significant other really isn’t keen on a second tank. He doesn’t have an interest in fish and doesn’t want a tank to take up more room in the house. He also doesn’t want a tank upstairs due to the fact we have carpet. Drago’s tank is in the living room and we have room for at least a 10 gallon near him so everything is kept in one area. I would love any and all advice on how to convince my significant other that adding one more small tank will not impact anything, and will be even cheaper as we can use our own water. I do all of the care of Drago so this tank would be entirely my responsibility, therefore his hesitation has nothing to do with extra work on his part. I am also aware that we run the risk of having lots of platy babies so I would need a plan to sell them to a local store etc, but he doesn’t mind that piece of it. Honestly, I am not quite sure where the hesitation is since he wouldn’t have to touch it and I keep Drago’s tank very clean! So I am hoping someone else has had a similar situation and how they overcame it. Trying to decide if it’s worth the conversation or if I should give up on my dream of a second tank. (Or, if I should just sneak one in LOL) I’ve included a photo of Drago if it is any extra enticement for advice 🙂 thank you for reading!
  15. Hi! I am new here but wanted to throw out a question to see if any one else has this issue with their male bettas - I have a 6 month old male plakat named Drago. He was labeled as a dragon scale when I got him but I’m thinking he may be an avatar betta with his spotted coloring (I was worried it was ich but the spots never changed, just his coloring!). He lives in a 5.5 gallon (I want to get him a 10 gallon but he’s happy right now so I don’t want to move him) with live plants, heater, filter, and a nerite snail. Water parameters are all clear using API master test kit and test strips. He eats Fluval Bug Bites and frozen bloodworms as treats. He is super healthy and happy 99.9% of the time. However a few weeks back, he went on a bit of a hunger strike. He wouldn’t eat anything and I panicked that something was wrong. However he had made a massive bubble nest and was very fixated on it. He was swimming perfectly normally, no change to fins/body, and had normal energy levels. After a week or so his bubble nest dissipated, and he happily started eating again. I did some googling and it said sometimes bettas can be so focused on breeding that they won’t eat. Has anyone else experienced this? I have owned bettas my whole life and never had a betta that refused to eat because he wanted babies so bad. I’ve attached a few photos of my little buddy. If anyone knows what kind of betta he is as well, I would love to know! Also featuring my nerite snail doing an amazing job getting some algae cleaned up for me! 🙂
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