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  1. Hello fish boy, They are alive I separated a pair from the other 3 the first time I noticed a male holding. I sold off the pair to a friend, she has had them hold but not to term yet. I am sure they would've been fine in the 75 together but I was really trying to get these to breed as they are not easy to find. I'll have juveniles soon they are roughly half an inch. I want to grow them large enough to be able to sex them before I part with any.
  2. Thank you! I try to be as best I can. I also have a whiteboard on the door that I write things on when i notice eggs or fry then try to input that information into excel
  3. So I figured I'd let you all on a little insight of how I keep track of my fish. I made this excel document so I could keep track of the fish I am currently keeping as I am not fan of writing with a dry erase marker on the tanks. This also makes it easier to moves fish around as I am not always rewriting on the tanks or peeling off stickers for species that are no longer in there. The tank number is just a number I printed out on a label maker and attached those to the tanks to easily identify the tanks. This also has the side benefit of making it super easy to tell people what to feed what to each tank. I am debating taking this a step further and labeling the tanks in a different color tape so I can easily identify which tanks receive RO water when I am changing water as about half of my tanks are on RO. Currently I just use some painter's tape stuck on the corner of the glass at abut 25% as I would not have enough RO water produced to do 50% in each tank currently.
  4. why not just add indian almond leaves to the tank? Almost all my wild type bettas, macropodus and parosphromenus get them in there tank. Some get more botanicals to increase tannins. The parosphromenus tank was nearly black with very little light penetration for a little while when they came in.
  5. Breeding them and putting them all in 1 aquarium to growout is your best bet to making it work. Domesticated bettas seem to forget siblings when they are taken from the group. I wish you luck in the project.
  6. Instead of a betta sorority why don't you do a wild type betta species tank?
  7. Well I managed to obtain 2 new wild betta types, betta dimidiata, betta rubra(think they are dennisyongi but are way too young to tell) and also picked up parosphromenus deissneri supposedly time will tell with these. Was also able to grab a beautiful pair of xiphophorus helleri. These have splotches on them and the female dropped fry already. In a few weeks I will be picking up a pair of both, macropodus spechti(f2) and macropodus sp. Zhaoqing. After that I am just waiting for some smaragdina guitar babies to grow out from a friend and I have first dibs on them. Extremely excited for all the labyrinth fish I've obtained and will be obtaining. My betta hendra are starting to color up and I can pick out males and females. They greedyingly ate white worms tonight for the first time. The unimaculata are growing out quite well as well.
  8. When you say this do you mean that only 1 ever hatched? Where the eggs being eating, fungusing or not fertilized? This information might lead to a resolution.
  9. I can not help you with your question but I came across these and maculata the other day and was stunned. Really want to get these as soon as i can. It does appear they need soft water to spawn, I've seen reports of them being in 3.5-4.0 pH in the wild
  10. Finally was able to get the last rack in today. I also started cleaning the last 4 - 20gals.
  11. I'm sure it is a possibility but i don't know if anyone does it. They are supposedly pretty suspectable to swallowing eggs. To the point, I've seen people avoid water changes and to not separate the female. I forgot to mention I picked up Macropodus Ocellatus juveniles as well. So excited for those to grow out.
  12. Well last night I was watching the other Male Betta Unimaculata's and the female trying to figure it out. Woke up this morning to see this male with a full mouth of eggs. He has many more than the other male had. The throat size was much larger. I love these guys, they are so fun and personable.
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