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  1. So I bought one in an attempt have a water polisher running off of air. I got the biggest one Lee makes that actually contains all of the water that is sucked into it so it releases very little gunk when pulled up. Two layers of the coarse sponge square the coop sells with one layer of the white pad under them. It worked really well for what I needed in my 90 gallon. I do wish they were weighted on the bottom because they tend to float if you don't get them jammed down into the sand. I ended up ordering 2 more. I think because of location in my 125 they don't do as well cleaning out the gunk from the water. I do still like them though and will continue to use them. I keep crushed coral in my sand but would think it would be a good way to raise the ph if the crushed coral was in the box. Once I get around to making them weighted I think servicing will be much easier for me.
  2. Mine really started breeding when I put a bunch of flat and rounded river rocks in the tank with them.
  3. If you feel like it needs more filtration or water movement sure. You could also just add another sponge filter to the other side. But if you aren't having any problems, it's probably fine as is. Completely up to you and how you want to maintain the tank.
  4. I have seen many people use the more coarse version of the black blasting sand. I use the cheapest sand lowes carries in the garden center because it's a nice mix of fine and coarse grains. Pain in the bum to clean, but it also leaves me more room to buy more plants and root tabs so the trade off is worth it to me.
  5. Yes adding Easy Green will raise your nitrates. But it also adds in all of the other good macronutrients and micros the plants need. You could try smaller than recommended dosing and see if there is any improvement in plant growth. It's also possible that adding the rest of the nutrients will make the plants consume more of the nitrates as they get a more balanced diet and you won't see a rise. I would consider it worth the experiment.
  6. I would enjoy having 2 layer sponge filters. Finer sponge on the inside of a coarse sponge. I've thought about how to make it before but tried a box filter first to clean up my water better than single density sponges could do. I didn't want to add anything to the tank not run by air. So far the box filter worked well enough with the coop square sponge media, I bought 2 more. But I do wish it was as easy to just drop in the tank and forget as weighted sponges are.
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