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  1. Why is aquarium co Ops Directions for Fritz ParaCleanse different than the one on the package. What is the benefit of doing it Aquarium Coops way?
  2. Is it safe for fish to use galvanized steel trough for a fish pond?
  3. @Mmiller2001 2 36" Fluval 3.0's.
  4. I have a 150 gallon fairly heavily planted tank. It is about 2 1/2 months old. I dose with Easy Green twice a week and here is my lighting set up. Is this a normal part of the evaluation of a planted tank?
  5. That one, not mine I hope.
  6. That's cool.
  7. I set up a 150 gallon planted tank a month ago. It is 24" tall. I am using the Fluval 3.0. I started heavily planted. I put in Anubais, Dworf Sag, Vallisneria, cryps, and stem plants. Here is my lighting set up. I was wondering when can I start increasing the brightness and time the light is on? Thank you, Jim T.
  8. @CoryThese are the best shots I can get. 2 of one plant, and 2 of the other.
  9. Just set up the tank about 2 weeks ago. Is it normal for some of the Anubias plants to turn brown? If not what might be causing it? Have the Fluval 3.0 turning on and off gradually. Max at 50%(all 3 white lights) 25%(red), and 2%(blue). For 10 hours. I am also using Easy Green.
  10. Set up a new 150 gallon planted tank last week. Started with about $600 in plants. Even though I knew about crypt melt, it is still disheartening to watch my plants just die. I know they should grow back, but still.
  11. When planting stem plans, will it work to cut a stem in half and try to plant it as two? I have Scarlet Temple, Bocopa Caroliniana, and Barzilian Pennywort.
  12. @CalmadByFish I found a similar picture on line some were. Just had my tattoo guy personalize it for me.
  13. Not sure if this is OK but I wanted to share my new tattoo. The guy in the bowl looks like me, and the betta looks like my fish Fred.
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