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  1. Did a 50% water change on the 10G quarantine tank which is holding 12 rummy nosed tetras, and a 20% water change on the 30G (cories and dwarf gourami hiding behind the driftwood, bristlenose pleco peeking out bottom right).
  2. Here’s my fish journal. I like the pen & paper aspect of it, and found a cool place for the awesome stickers! Diary-like journal in the front, parameters in the back.
  3. Hello from Ashburn, Virginia! I’m glad to join here at the beginning of this forum project and admire Cory’s vision of a community that communicates with respect for one another! My wife and I recently bought a 10G for our daughter, and quickly discovered that there was a lot that we didn’t even know that we didn’t know. We had to have the “can’t bring a fish home today” talk with our daughter and promptly began our research when we got home. Cory and Co.’s advice has been invaluable as we have upgraded to a 30G and added fish and plants. My wife jokes that I am into this new hobby more than our daughter and she isn’t wrong! I’m looking forward to sharing, interacting, and learning with all of you!
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