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  1. What is the point of having a heater that has a temperature controller if it doesn't turn off when it is hot enough or there is no water?
  2. Any good lamps or heaters that I can put in the brine shrimp hatchery that will keep it consistent? I don't understand what the point of having an adjustable heater if it is supposed to be adjustable but when you take the brine shrimp hatchery out fo rinse it the heater won't turn off.
  3. I purchased 7 or 8 nano USB air pumps and they arrived today but was wondering if I need a check valve. They are hanging on the petco aqueon tanks.
  4. One thing that I suggest you purchase since you don't have anywhere else to put them is a Marina Hang-On Breeding Box either the large or medium size. All you need is a gang valve or another air pump which you may want to consider purchasing either way as a backup. Here is a link to Amazon medium size is available now Marina Hang-On Breeding Box, medium. One caveat that I had an issue with is I have rims on my 20 and a hood on my 55. If you have a rimless or a small rim on your tank than you should definitely get one especially if you want to breed more. I loved the design and idea of the Marina Hang-on Breeding Box that I purchased one 3 years ago and kept it till I got a tank that it would actually work on.
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