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  1. I had what I think is this same algae nearly a year ago when my tank was new-ish. It really creeped me out. I did the steps that Ryan w mentioned above. Also I used the coop easy carbon-one pump for the 10g every other day. It cleared up pretty quickly, maybe a couple weeks became crystal clear. I recommend that product.
  2. Wow both of these stories sound like so much fun! Please keep us updated how they do! Would love to see pics of all those baby bettas!
  3. My betta is recovering from fin rot. It appears to be a long process.
  4. I get all the reasons against rimless tanks. Especially since I have one. I tried for a while to get a special lid but was unsuccessful to find something that I thought was aesthetically acceptable for my room. I have had a few little friends jump out, mostly been saved. I do have to add water to it between weekly water changes. Yet I think I would buy it again if I were starting over. It’s a nice looking waterbox. i would just Recommend knowing the cons before you go into it to decide if the aesthetics are worth the negatives. For me it is.
  5. Hi, I am excited to join this forum, and hang out about fish. I have one 10 gallon tank of my own, and I help my son with maintenance of his 2 larger aquariums. We have fun constantly learning and trying new things. I find it amazing that I can keep and enjoy a little underwater world in my home!
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