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Found 4 results

  1. What's your favorite wild fish to keep? Could be wild caught or captive bred and still reasonably close to the look of the wild counterparts. Not looking to go down a genetic rabbit hole as I know that can get pretty complicated and two fish could look almost identical and be genetically different. I like the idea of having an aquarium with fish that you could go see in the wild and wanted to get ideas from the folks on the forum. Pictures would be awesome...
  2. I went to feed my Wild Betta Splendens (Super Reds) this evening and to my shock they had been busy and the male was tending to a an overflowing bubble nest! I've been watching and waiting for him to blow a nest but I totally missed him constructing this one along the side of the glass in their blackwater tank. Don't tell him, but his nest is kind of puny! I'm used to my domestics who blow huge nests just in case! I added a piece of bubble wrap to reinforce it for him. Also, I've removed the female because daddy has become very protective and kept chasing her away. I'm loving watching daddy tend to his nest, but TBH, I'm anxious about tending to my first betta spawn! If my Betta Smaragdina Guitar pair decides to spawn it is going to be a full house in my fish/bedroom! (Both these pairs came from Taylor of Simply Betta.) This is my first time spawning bettas of any kind, so I'd love to hear about any experiences people have had breading bettas (especially wild bettas).
  3. A nice-sized spawn from a pair of wild types. Tank is a 65-gallon.
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