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  1. I started by removing all of the plants, rock-work, driftwood, substrate, and mesh bags that were being used as the base of the scape. It was a mess, and felt somewhat devastating to do, as all the work I previously invested into the aquarium was being torn out piece by piece. Though, I was determined to get it done, as looking at it was becoming a downer. I got the remainder of the substrate out, and used paper towels to soak up the remaining water to make the substrate easier to remove. After cleaning out as much of the substrate as I could, I heavily disinfected both the inside and outside of the aquarium, along with doing it multiple times as an extra precaution. The tank was in the way of the air conditioning unit that would be placed next to it, so I had to move the tank off of the stand, and completely dismantle the stand, measure the new placement, and move back each piece in the correct spot. Then, I added the tank to the top, and I quickly fell asleep shortly after from all of the work. I had started started at 7pm, and finished roughly 10 hours later after continuous work, as I was wanting to get it all done and over with as quickly as I could. I threw out all of the substrate, filter media, and almost all of the plants. I did save a few Bucephalandra and two anubias, one large anubias nana and one anubias nana ‘pinto’. With those, I decided to set up a tub to attempt growing them emersed, using ozmocote plus and sphagnum Moss as the substrate, saturated with dechlorinated water. It would have been wiser to cut the submerged growth off, and I lost a substantial amount of plants from rot, likely because of that mistake. But, it has been a fun experiment regardless, and I’d like to continue doing more of these in the future. Anything of the tank I saved: the driftwood, the rocks, and the filter, was disinfected as well. The driftwood was boiled, alternating which sides were in the water, and timing it. I scraped the rocks clean of spray foam, plant roots, and super glue. I then disinfected them in a bucket, let them dry, and then added extremely hot water over them. They sat there for a few days. There was still some residual spray foam, and the black spray painted coatings on them had been destroyed in the process, but they were ready for the next time I’d use them. I then disinfected anything I used on the tank, or had by the tank, including lids, test tubes, aquascaping tools, the siphon, and so on. After disinfecting, they also sat in extremely hot water, but for a couple of hours. I had taken a break before adding my Finnex light I kept from a 50 gallon that I dismantled years ago, after brain and spinal surgery, because I was becoming bed ridden and knew I wouldn’t be able to take care of it for much longer. The light was brand new, and I was never able to program it. Needless to say, I was really excited to be able to use the light, this time around. PS: I was working on a setup for a certain crayfish at the same time as I was redoing this aquarium. In the reflection, the cardboard and tape is from the outside of his setup that I had just moved over days before (a funny little Easter egg for you all). As the day was getting later, and I had taken many breaks at this point, I set up a quarantine tank, using the cycled filter from Gandr’s temporary tank that I had cycling on a small bucket. I roughly marked the QT gallon by gallon, installed the rest of the equipment, added boiled leaf litter, and had the lid ready to go. I finally had found the lost remote to my Finnex, which gets lost again multiple times later, haha. Although I didn’t program it yet, I watched videos on how to and devised a plan, with the help of some aquarium lighting gurus on this forum later on. For the remainder of the night, I began the scape. I wanted something convenient, what I would consider as foam and super glue free, not very close to the glass, easily circulated, and simple to maintain. Those were some of the downsides to the previous scape, that I didn’t want to have again. I fiddled with a few ideas, and adjusted what I did like, until I added the last piece of driftwood I had available. I settled on this, before going to sleep. However, I change this slightly in the future.
  2. Hello,I have a female betta in a planted community 100L / 28G tank and I’ve had her for about five months. She’s always been very bright and healthy. Until today. She’s sat at the top of the tank, looking very lethargic and not her happy self.I’ve tested the water and it’s come back as normal; 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 40 nitrate (I know 40 is high but it’s always been like that because my tap water is high in nitrate).I’m about to do a water change now anyway, just in case, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what might be going on or what else I can do to help her?Tank Specs:100L / 28G tank (36”L x 12”D x 15”H)Fluval U4 Filter24 - 25C / 75 - 77F50% weekly water change (seachem prime) Stocking:1 female betta6 harlequin Rasboras10 false julii corys30+ something RCSWater qualityAmmonia 0NO3 40 (Tap water sits at 40ppm)NO2 0GH 8KH 6pH 7.2CI2 0
  3. Hi everyone! I was considering designing essentially a 3D printed cherry shrimp to see how my betta would react to their presence in the tank without risking actual lives or spending money for them. I was wondering if Neocaridina davidi have a certain scent to them that a betta would smell? Thanks!
  4. Over a week ago, I mentioned how my betta fish was showing signs of a parasitic infection (I’m pretty certain they are some type of gill fluke) and asked for some thoughts to confirm my approach. It’s been eight days so far of Copper Safe treatment. For the past few days, Samphan was showing much more normal behavior (doing his wiggle dances, being active and exploratory, not flashing or twitching). However today (day eight), he’s pretty lethargic and sticking close to the top. Not much gill movement (so no heavy breathing), no appetite at all (which is a new symptom) and occasional head twitching. I did a 10% water change and dosed Copper Safe only for the water replaced (as it is chelated and remains in the water for up to a month and until its water changed out). There was no behavioral change, good or bad. I’m unable to check the therapeutic level of copper because the copper test kit I ordered that was supposed to arrive the same day as the medication keeps being delayed, and there’s no other way I can get it. So I’ve been very careful to calculate the dosage amount and dose with a syringe to keep it exact as I can. I’m a little worried, given the lack of appetite and lethargy. I do know that lack of appetite can occur with Copper Safe. It could also be that more parasites have hatched and are now bothering him as well, as another thought I’ve had. But I want to confirm with you all if keeping the Copper Safe in the water (and still continuing treatment) is a good idea. What are all of your thoughts?
  5. I went to feed my Wild Betta Splendens (Super Reds) this evening and to my shock they had been busy and the male was tending to a an overflowing bubble nest! I've been watching and waiting for him to blow a nest but I totally missed him constructing this one along the side of the glass in their blackwater tank. Don't tell him, but his nest is kind of puny! I'm used to my domestics who blow huge nests just in case! I added a piece of bubble wrap to reinforce it for him. Also, I've removed the female because daddy has become very protective and kept chasing her away. I'm loving watching daddy tend to his nest, but TBH, I'm anxious about tending to my first betta spawn! If my Betta Smaragdina Guitar pair decides to spawn it is going to be a full house in my fish/bedroom! (Both these pairs came from Taylor of Simply Betta.) This is my first time spawning bettas of any kind, so I'd love to hear about any experiences people have had breading bettas (especially wild bettas).
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