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  1. So what I am thinking: 20ppi - less polishing but won’t clog up for longer 30ppi - clogs up sooner… but how soon is “sooner”? Or is the difference so small I’m just over thinking it.
  2. I have never heard of that happening before. Pictures would be great to see.
  3. This is great info. I might have to try out grindal worms, I have stayed away from them due to it seemingly like more work than microworms. But your process doesn’t sounds so bad. Also, what sort of project do you have going on with egg harvesters?
  4. Thanks for the update. It sounded like it was worth a shot, and if it worked out had a big upside.
  5. I agree. It shouldn’t be a big deal. That said it’s your tank and your house that could get wreck, will multiple people online telling you it should be ok allow you to sleep at night?
  6. Day 7 update - I have left them alone since Monday. It looks like they may have perished. There doesn’t look to be any microworms….
  7. I’m concerned that the 30ppi foam would clog up to quickly. How often are you cleaning yours?
  8. If your going to engineer it this far you might as well add a fan module to deal with the humidity.
  9. The setup: 20g long tank, bare bottom, holding guppies and shrimp. Question for the hive mind: Do I go for 20ppi or 30ppi for the matter filter foam? Or go rogue and pick something completely different. Looking for which way you would vote and a little context as to why as I keep going back and forth. Thanks.
  10. Unfortunately I am no where near there. I was looking for an internet option.
  11. How big is the tank? If it is only 1/8” in just one direction I wouldn’t worry about it. I called aqueon to ask about this when I setup my tanks and that’s what I was told.
  12. I’d love to see how you shim it and what it looks like once you have it all set. Could help others in the future as well.
  13. Now that is a lot of fun. You could try shims to level it out, but with a bow in the middle that is going to be tricky. If it was a 40 breeder I would say don’t worry about it as it’s only 1/8
  14. When will the coop start selling the matten filters or even just the foam? There seems to be a lack of it out there.
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