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  1. Not very experienced int his myself but I use tankwater. I also have a setup with a spongefilter that pushes tankwater into breederbox and that overflows trough a sponge into the tank again. So the tank keeps the breederbox clean as I tend to overfeed it It's also under the same light as my lowtech
  2. It might be overkill but if you are worried that the tank water is too hot when acclimating and it wil get hot (room temp) too quickly: - Drop temp by adding cold water, so bag and tank matches - Acclamatise like usual and add to the tank. - If you want the tank to go to room temp slower, warp some bubble packaging or foamboards around it, and put a lid on temperately if you don't have one.
  3. If the tank is empty (animal wise), add cold water to the tank before acclimating, maybe put some insulation around it so it very slowly goes back to room temperature
  4. I's a company I'm trying to start in my spare time. I have a test project a ran at a retirement home, I place, maintain, and do all work on a nice aquascaped aquarium. It stays my property bet startup is free this way. I gave them a 3 month free trail and after they signed for the next 4 years. Small monthly fee, zero work of maintenance for them, all troubles are mine to solve. Regarding difference from the US: Fish are cheap, all the rest is expensive. Some things are crazy expense, like neocaridina can be 5-10 euro a peace in a shop (average net wage here is 2.500). rocks are almost €10 a a kilo from a shop, wood €30-40 a kilo. so a 40G aquascape with lots of hardscape, external filter and CO2 is a full months wage. Fuel/gas/electricity is very expensive compared to US, houses are very well build and insulated so I focus on +-22° room temperature setups. Selling animals as a hobbyist is illegal on almost all online platforms, and those were it is legal you can't have a permanent offer for example 3 kinds of shrimp. Occasional and unforeseen sale online is allowed, when there is frequent or structural sale (very vague in the law) it's illegal and you need to have a company. wild caught is rare, most fish here are bred in eastern Europe where wages and power costs are low, so large breeders are rare in western Europe. Most shops only carry 20-40 spices, some hidden gems (many distributors for shops open for retail also) carry few hundred spices and almost all basic spices can be ordered vie local shops on a week notice. for example killifish, some shops have one species in stock, one distributor has like 5 species, but it's hard to get anything that is rare. The r/shittyaquariums here seem to be as frequent as in the US, awareness about fish care and planted tank is limited to hobbyists only but many households have there abusive fish tank.
  5. Balanced on gravel stabilizer in-between rocks, than added a lot of soil.
  6. Pogosthemon Helfiri, not too happy with it atm. It does not looks like it but it's kind a stemplant. 6months in it's getting leggy and cutting it back is ugly as hell. I will only ever use it in midground again, I hope the monte carlo under it takes over after removal. Only grows with CO2 and is a heavy root feeder. does not need to adapt, just grows wild from week 1 after planting. You can find all plants, fish and setup other info on this page, I'm still writing it and it's also in dutch. The tank is in a retirement home, if you scan the QR on it you get the info page.
  7. Keeping fish simple on YouTube has some of the best info, he also visits other breeders and logs it all on video. The vedieos can be 1h+, I put it on when I do chores. There is some great I fo but it is hidden
  8. I have both dwarf seg. and Cryptocoryne parva, this one is Cryptocoryne parva for sure
  9. I'm testing an automatic egg collector contraption, it's for CPD's. I want to try it out on other spices, what other fish breed similar. Few eggs scattered every day (not 200-500 like tetra's), non sticky dropped in moss or plants.
  10. In that size, I'd go shrimp only. I had 20 shrimp in a 5G, they breed untill they are 60-80 and than they stop. If I remove 50, they start again. It has a lot of moss, I'd recommend trying plants again
  11. Not a controlled test but: One tank was 20G (low tech) all sterile, only plants had bacteria/snaileggs on them. Took 30-35 days. My 40G (high tech) I used bottled bacteria and dirt from the 20G's filter.It was done in 3 days.
  12. Where do you work? I'm from Belgium myself and visited most shops here.
  13. Where do you work? I'm from Belgium myself and visited most shops here.
  14. I have 6 fry myself atm, and 3 eggs! They ley eggs in a plastic container with moss, 1/3 of the days I have eggs. They 're in a heavy planted tank so I guess the other days they just lay them where ever. I wash the moss in tank water and suck the eggs out with a syringe. this is one of mine, 2 weeks old
  15. Hi all, I'm an aquascaper / small scale hobby breeder / Aquascape lease startup atm, I have a 5G shrimp tank, 20G community tank low tech and 40G high tech.I hope to learn and share findings about breeding, setup's quality of life hacks,....
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