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  1. So I was goofing around on paper with the 2-7 numbers but still loving my species choices in a "if I was doing it again" scenario. Keeps me "aquarium occupied" without buying more tanks! Makes sense plus it gets stocking to 72%. 2 - Mystery Snails 3 - Bolivian Rams 4 - Red Eye Tetras --> Swap quantity with Emperor Tetras - One male, 3 female. Right now my males will occasionally spar and revision should improve tank dynamics 5 - Sterbai Cory --> Von Rio Tetra quantity swap makes math work, plus shop sells 5 for... 6 - Von Rio Tetra (Wild Style) --> Sterbai Cory - Can't have too many Cories. 7 - Emperor Tetra --> Red Eyes making them more predominant in tank and "experts" recommend 6 or more.
  2. Next glass cleaning & water change, I'll take a photo. Warning: My phone's camera isn't greatest and fish seem camera shy. Von Rio's were on sale "5 for" bought an extra one to make 6 for the math plus could have easily made it a dozen. Regarding Mystery snails: I only have 2 but I have a half dozen egg sacks waiting to hatch. Expect some babies in next few days.
  3. This post is a BIG THANK YOU for those who provided input over the last 4 months to help get me here. This week, I "completed" stocking of my 40 G Breeder and gotta say, I'm liking the results. So here is my Stocking by the Numb3rs - 2/7 Stock System - No doubt this system will revolutionize aquariums, initiate perfect 2/7 stocking combo studies, generate hours of internet content, and solve all unsolved aquarium mysteries. 🤣 2 - Mystery Snails 3 - Bolivian Rams 4 - Red Eye Tetras 5 - Sterbai Cory 6 - Von Rio Tetra (Wild Style) 7 - Emperor Tetra Total of 27 fish (2-7), OK so Stocking level isn't 27% or 72% for AqAdvisor, but close at 69%. I'm going to have to get more tanks to better fill up my idle Aquarium time! 🤪
  4. SNAIL LIVES MATTER! Good luck keeping those buggers alive. Mine just laid eggs on Sunday. I'm hoping for a high survival rate. 🤞
  5. UPDATE: Roger is doing fine despite broken shell. Here is a picture of my two mystery snails Roger and Dave this morning. I saw a similar pose yesterday thinking it was "Tenderness". After seeing an egg sack on my glass, I'm thinking it was more "I'll Take You There". To avoid content removal for inappropriate material, I added a censor bar. 🐌 "Hey Dave, I still bet no one knows why our names are Roger and Dave"
  6. He's very brave. Even with his shell being crushed, I never heard a complaint. 🐌 Maybe we can learn from our pets.
  7. pH is 7.5. I have no clue on dGh or dKh. Not thinking shell is thin, I think he was in the wrong place, wrong time and got pinched between two large stones. Roger had a white stripe on his shell which ended up being the point where the shell broke. He had that when he was purchased. I'm feeling a lot better, because he is cruising around the quarantine tank. Thanks for feedback.
  8. Mystery Snail (Roger) shell broke during arrangement of aquascape. Roger is alive, but I'm sure stunned. I moved him to the quarantine tank. Small diamond shape marked area shell is thin. Larger area indicates missing area. I did not retail broken piece. Will he live? UPDATE: He is moving.
  9. My largest tank is a 40 breeder (45 g.) so I'm jealous. Species choice is a personal thing. But I know if I had a large tank, I would without a doubt have a school of Denison Barbs. I saw them at a store tank and fell in love. They check all the boxes.
  10. Against advice, I did add the two outcasts back to the tank. Immediately a male emperor tetra went after the red eye and then so did the other red eyes. I was able to catch him quickly when he hid at the surface. The emperor tetra immediately lost color and soon hid, burry herself in vegetation. There was a little bit of chasing when she was discovered. It was obvious she wasn't happy, so I returned her to the quarantine tank. You guys were right! I think they were just bad fish. When I put them in my Oscar tank, they didn't get along with them either....... Just kidding. I feel obligated to give them a good home, but I'm not real excited about returning to shop or to keep them in their current state. Thanks again for input.
  11. 55g home would be justified. 😃 Right now my 20g long is their small quarantine apartment which they share with some plants I'm growing.
  12. You're probably right. I may put the Emperor Tetra back in just to see what happens. Not fully sure on her story, but if it doesn't look favorable. I could visit the lfs with both fish.
  13. The remaining 4 red eyes seem like equals. No one is getting harassed. Maybe reintroducing the abused red eye with a couple more red eyes would do the trick. I could introduce the emperor tetra at the same time. One of my original thoughts before making the post was to add a different school of fish with the quarantined at the same time, but I kinda like the current level of stocking. Thanks for sharing the video. Glad you indicated timing of appropriate content. He drug out content forever and with his side kick seeming to have something better to do, it would have been painful to watch the whole thing. And thanks to everyone else for your input.
  14. I Set-up a 40 Gallon Breeder end of 2023. Tank has seemed to reach an equilibrium point with occupants getting along well. My question at end of post. Here is my current stocking level ... 2 - Mystery Snails 3 - Bolivian Rams 4 - Red Eye Tetra (5th in quarantine *) 5 - Sterbai Cory 7 - Emperor Tetra ( Had 9 - 1 jumper, another in quarantine**) * Red eye tetra got beat up, I put into quarantine, "put him back" and same thing happened (rinse , repeat) he is healed in quarantine tank. ** When repairing my cover, I lost the jumper Emperor Tetra, I only counted 7 so I thought I lost two. Last week I saw the 8th, this little girl was very pale and hiding at the surface near the heater. She looks good in quarantine. I was curious as to how to reintroduce my quarantine fish. I had read that rearrangement helps with reintroduction, but to be honest my tank is newly set-up and I like how it is. Looking for advice.
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