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Idle Tank - Convince me.

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When I was setting up my 40g breeder, I had a 20g long that I was using to expedite tank cycling and to use a  quarantine tank. Since I have fully populated my 40g and also picked up a 10g (for quarantine etc.), I'm looking to set up the 20g.

I have two operating tanks - my feature 40g (Bolivian Rams, Tetras and Cories) and a 29g Native tank (Central Mudminnows). My past experience is predominantly with other South American (Tetras, Cichlids, Cories) as well as some live bearers, asian species (barbs, rasboras) and some other Ohio natives. My plan is not to create a fish room so I'm hoping this tank completes my expansion. 

Was thinking about Shell dwellers, but interested in others thoughts. Not a big fan of Bettas, Plecos, severely mutated species, or fish that constantly have huge turd streamers.

Interested in hearing others thoughts.

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Ooh, 20g is a good dimension to play with.

You wont regret a colony of neolamprologus multifasciatus, they are a fun fun fun fish, but you should have some people that will take your juveniles 🙂

Everyone who has pseudomugil, is having much fun with them, they dont like flow, like shallow, lots of plants, LID, and they have fun and you will have fun watching them court each other and even have some babies

As guppysnail would tell you, african dwarf frogs are also a hoot and this dimension could work for them


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I've been doing more thinking on this. There are a couple more suggestions. For some reason the gold ocellatus is very intriguing to me. very colorful, lots of personality. can't get them out of my head. lamprologus ornatipinis is also supposed to be exceptional. then of course all the julidochromis.

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On 6/21/2024 at 3:34 AM, Tony s said:

then of course all the julidochromis.

I love those too and ever since seeing a colony of them in a tank and hierarchy settings, I am intrigued. But they all are 150 liters and ideally more

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