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  1. I have tried to do my research with this algae but am having trouble combating it. Can anyone help me identify this type of algae and some action steps? I’m not sure that it is green hair algae but it seems to enter most of my tanks at some point and it’s a struggle to get rid of. You can grab a small bit of it and most comes out like a ball of tangled yarn but then it will grow back in a week. Any help would be appreciated as it is choking out some of my plants!
  2. Awesome! I have raced at BYC a lot with a few different teams over the past few years! Do you remember which Detroit shrimp breeder was it? Do you remember? Also, what kind?
  3. Thank you! Yes there is saltwater thrown in haha. I do know @FishTankBarn he is a member of the same club as me. (Motor City Aquarium Society)
  4. I have a 29g that my green spotted puffer lives in with a scape of cichlid rocks and plastic plants that he/she can explore. I would really like to replace the plastic plants with something live as all of my freshwater tanks have only live plants in them. I am also hoping that live plants could slightly help lengthen the time in between water changes by consuming some nutrients. Are there any plants that are easy to get online or that I can look for at my LFS that will tolerate brackish water? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you very much! I need to trim back some of the val and I plan to add some wood and other plants to it!
  6. Hello everyone, My name is Cruz and I am from the Metro-Detroit area. I am new to the coop forum and wanted to introduce myself and show off my fish room currently! A little bit about myself, I am currently a junior in college pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering some of my hobbies include the obvious fish keeping, sailing, flying rc planes, and working on my cars! I got into fish keeping a little over four years ago and as it happens to most of us is started with one tank and and is now up to 30+ throughout my house. My focus has mainly been breeding livebearers (guppies, swordtails, and limia) as well as shrimp (various different colors of Caridina and Neocaridina) but I have many other types of fish. I would just like to thank the Fishtube youtubers for some of the inspiration in my tanks and fish room and for what they do to promote the hobby itself including; Cory from Aquarium Co-op, Rob from Flip Aquatics, and Bob from Steenfott Aquatics. In addition to Fishtube there are many individuals from the Motor City Aquarium Society that have helped me. I look forward to enjoying the help I receive from others and the advice I can give to others on this forum!
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