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Found 10 results

  1. I need some advice! I have been battling green hair algae for a couple weeks. I’ve decreased the lights to only about 8 hours a day. The only fertilizer I use is root tabs from the co-op. I keep removing it but it comes right back!! Its a 40 gallon breeder with a Hygger 26W light Any suggestions?
  2. I have tried to do my research with this algae but am having trouble combating it. Can anyone help me identify this type of algae and some action steps? I’m not sure that it is green hair algae but it seems to enter most of my tanks at some point and it’s a struggle to get rid of. You can grab a small bit of it and most comes out like a ball of tangled yarn but then it will grow back in a week. Any help would be appreciated as it is choking out some of my plants!
  3. Looking for help on removing green hair algae in my 40g I don't yet have fish in the tank just plants. Been cutting my lights down from 8hr to 6hr a day as to make sure my plants still get plants of light. No natural light hits the tank. I know there are plenty of fish and invertebrates that can help just not sure which would be the best for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm getting increasing green hair algae. Right now its confined to a few spots in the aquarium and it likes the glass but its slowly growing out and spreading. I'm doing what I can to manually remove it but that's not a long term solution. I read it can be from an overabundance of phosphate so I bought a kit and I have 0 phosphate 5 nitrate. When I add ferts, I've tried 1 and 3 squirts of easy green per 10g, it grows denser and spreads out the next day. If I let my phosphates go to 0 it stops growing but then I assume my plants will be deficient. I've already dropped to an 8 hour split photoperiod. should I go shorter? I'm trying to grow a montecarlo carpet and after a month I'm finally seeing some new growth (I started with a culture and I assume it wasn't adapted to submersed life), so I'm afraid to lower intensity and kill my carpet. Other solutions I've read are lower the pH (not gonna happen) or raise co2 (i don't do co2 injection, and I'm not keen on starting). EDIT: parameters are: ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 5 (before dosing easy green) phosphate: 0 ph: 7.8 gh: 7 kh:4
  5. I put a piece of drift wood in my aquarium and a green grass like plant started growing on it. I really like the look of it and very recently I realized it is green hair algae. Most people hate green hair algae and want to get rid of it immediately, but I don't think everyone realizes what you can do with it. The only form of algae control I have is bristlenose plecos. I think more people should consider letting green hair algae grow. Its an easy 'plant' that requires no maintenance, helps with water quality, and in my case looks great.
  6. Hi everyone, i have a 50gal tank and a 30gal sump setup with a bunch of val and some shrimp. i have the lights on for 7 hours per day and it’s a full spectrum LED light. It’s a re-setup for this tank with new substrate and two established sponge filters. The question is - would the amano shrimp be able to take care of all this algae or should i start trimming it? They’re still small - about .5” - 1”.
  7. Hello! I have been rustling with a lot of questions in my head recently trying to figure out why this green hair algae in my tank will not go away. I take a lot of inspo from George farmer and aquarium co op and believe in “luxury uptake.” This means I believe in doing large water changes, but dosing heavily with fertilizers and injecting co2. The first time the green hair algae appeared I pulled back my fertilizers and stopped using them. As time went on I got the algae to a controllable point, but there was also always a small amount of algae in the tank, not to mention the plants appeared to be a bit pail and lacked nutrients. I started to dose again, but the algae has started coming back again. I’m trying to wait it out but it just won’t go away. I offer the plants good light, co2, and nutrients, and I believe good plant growth can out compete algae, but it just isn’t feeling like that right now. I used to do 1 50% water change a week, but now I do 3 50% water changes a week, but the algae just still won’t go away. I’m really frustrated with it and I do not see where I am going wrong. (Every level in the tank like nitrate, nitrite ammonia ph blah bla is in check and the livestock are completely fine) any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. TLDR: What do you think of burying algae as a way to "get rid of it"? First I had a ton of black beard algae and staghorn algae, but flourish got rid of it. It's still there, but more or less under control. My problem now is green hair algae all over the substrate. The Monte Caro isn't grown in, so there's lots of exposed substrate still. I'm doing water changes weekly, and manually pulling out green hair algae... I'm tired of it. What do you think of simply pushing the algae into the substrate where it will hopefully be out of the light, die off, and eventually become sort of a fertilizer for my plants? The tank is a 40 gallon freshwater tank with a NICREW SkyLED Plus & hob filter and a sponge filter. It's about 5 months old, with Java moss, crypts, s. repens, Monte Carlo, and bacopa monnieri, about 20 phoenix rasboras 20 blue dream shrimp, and a few nerites. Thanks!
  9. Any idea what is causing my Christmas moss to become so fuzzy? I am guessing algae or fungus. What might I be able to do to clear off the fuzz that won't kill the moss? Its gotten to the point that I am considering pulling the bridge out and tossing it as it really isn't that good of a look.
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