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  1. hello everyone I have a 10 gal tank that I first set up as a orange shrimp tank it has been up for two+ years and the shrimp pop exploded I did add ember tetras to the tank as wells shrimp pop still doing good with fish in there then all of a sudden I started loosing shrimp it started as one every other day then maybe two shrimp in a week that we seen I know they eat the dead but eventually I lost all shrimp so I put in a couple of overflow of wifes guppies the fish are doing well can't say water parameters are normal but they are in range my concern is that I was going to put back some orange shrimp from another tank back in but we only have a very few of them and hundreds of cherry shrimp from wifes tank so I put in three cherry and in bout two days all shrimp are dead and their bodies are still in one piece so I am wondering what could be killing shrimp but not effecting the fish thank u all for the help
  2. im not sure if this is this the same thing but I did the same thing with my 29gal tank and my Amano shrimp started swimming in circles and floating like they was dying I did end up losing two of them plus my cherry shrimp that was in there I was told it was PH poisoning i never thought of PH being off that bad cuz it has never been off that much but I checked another tank before I changed water and PH was way off Im not sure if this helps out but I was told if it happens again to quickly drain have water and start a drip acclimated the rest of the water into tank
  3. welcome to the forum and nice looking tanks
  4. hello sorry to hear about this picky tank I have some follow up question I didn't see any ammonia in ur parameters and how old is the tank it looks really nice by the way and how often do u change water do u change just because or is it cuz the parameters are off I'm asking cuz I have found that sometimes changing water (weekly) has hurt tanks in stead of letting them work out problems on their own
  5. that sucks I don't talk that much I just like reading post
  6. the drink cup lid works great me I have it on three of my tank and it has stopped the splash on the hood
  7. What type of rotala is it in one of my other tank I have Rotala Rotundifolia Orange Juice with no co2 it has never carpet for me but it has actually grown better in the tank that has no co2 than the one with co2 what kind of light do u have and I that a crypt Wendi that is staying close to the ground like a pancake here is the rotala it has grown a wall in the back of the tank
  8. hello all I'm late to the party but I too am doing S. Repens and Monte Carlo with no CO2 I have to say its been slow really slow at first almost nothing I was having a hard time keeping the Monte Carlo in the substrate it would float up I had to put a rock on it and move it every other day so I wouldn't kill it then I wanted to give S. Repens a try so I got some from aquarium coop well I only managed to keep three out of the whole pot they start just the same way as Monte Carlo they lost leaves everyday for awhile as u can see by the pics but here in the past two weeks they have started taking off I have had the tank with Monte Carlo for close to two years and probably 8 months to a year for S Repens so @joeQ it looks like ur plants are doing better than mine did at first so u just have to give it time lol a long time
  9. tank looks nice about the stem plant I have Rotala rotundifolia orange juice in my betta tank it has no Co2 and it grows in good for me
  10. I have assassins snail in three of my tanks and I have nerite snails in the same tank they do not bother the bigger snails they did a great job on the bladder snails I have no more in my tanks assassins snail will eat bloodworms and flakes that fall to the bottom I think one snail should be fine in the tank
  11. no I have not done anything new to the tank I do have some Paracleanse I will start treatment to today thanks for the advice
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