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  1. Week one with shrimp, have had 1 confirmed death, and 2 confirmed molts. I can see for sure 4 females, and maybe 3 small males. Hopefully get some breeding to the colony. Added more plants and driftwoods. No water changes yet just top off. Had to remove the zebra nerite, he was not doing well. Barely moving, maybe just too cold for him, put him in my 20 gallon.
  2. Here goes… https://imgur.com/a/JK6Jg4g literally zero fear from the little guy as they poke and nip around him, fingers crossed!
  3. Thanks! I think he has a bit of wood and a few places to hide ! Will put him in this weekend.
  4. It got a sponge filter and heater in it. I have a pvc elbow and a piece of seasoned driftwood. I don’t want to keep him long it’s just that all the occupants of the other tank are aholes. I don’t want him to be killed because he so small.
  5. I currently have a BN Pleco in a 5 gallon QT. This was only temporary for about two week. Question is, it's a real small guy and he is going in to a 29 Gal with a big school of tiger barbs and serpae tetras. I would like to grow him out a bit, but don't want to hamper him in that small tank. Realistically as long as i kept up good water quality could i leave him there?
  6. Thanks! So much a work in progress, lots of trial and error…this forum plus you tube have made it possible.
  7. Going to try to remember all that i picked up this weekend, but here is list and tanks after planting: s repens potted (split into 4), 2 clumps susswasswertang , 1 hydroctyl japan tissue culture (split into 4), 1 flame sword potted (4 inside), 1 bunch red root floater, 1 pink flamingo crypt tissue culture (4 inside), 1 octo pogo, 2 corkscrew val , 2 crinium , also, 2 cholla mini, red reli shrimp, female betta, tiger nerite snail, super red pleco,
  8. Went to Aquashella this weekend, loaded up on plants, a few fish, and of course found the shrimp for this project. I went with the Red Reli shrimp, they looked nice, i had not had them before, and most importantly they were in my budget. I performed a water change early in the day, did a water acclimation, and finally a drip acclimation. I added a s. repens, a flamingo crypt, susswassertang, hydrocotyle japan and some red root floaters all that i got from show. Also floating a piece of cholla wood i got as well. When i went to bed i had noticed no casualties. I will see what they look like when i get home from work this afternoon. Grabbed a tiger nerite snail as well! I will post update. Hopefully i can clean this tank real nice in a few weeks once it balance out and and the plants grow in a bit, get some better looking tank shots. Yup, i had one big chunk leftover from when i rescaped my 29 gallon a few months ago.
  9. Wrung out another filter sponge into the tank earlier this week, made a complete disaster of the tank…however the tank is full cycled and has a good amount of algae growing…going to try to pickup my shrimp this weekend.
  10. Pulled some plants from my other tanks, still need to add as many as I cram in. Will do that in a couple of weeks.
  11. Added river rock pebbles to cap the stratum, like the look better.
  12. The top is my 20L Community, the bottom is my 29g semi-aggressive. about 3 hours south of you, near CC.
  13. Thanks! i have a few options in my current tanks, but haven't decided yet which to use!
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