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Found 4 results

  1. I am nearing that time when my huge bottle of Prime needs to be replaced. I’ve thought I would try Fritz Complete because of the easy dosing with the pump, but I recently saw some stories of people who switched and had issues. But we all know how the internet is, and who knows what could have actually been the problem. Care to ease my concern by sharing your Fritz Complete experiences? If this doesn’t go well, I’m just going to buy more Prime. 🤣
  2. So I just got some Prime and my impression is that I should only use it if there's an ammonia spike due to overfeeding / random death in a planted tank that I can't see. I should also add this to new water I'm adding to dechlorinate it too. Is this right? I'm still trying to balance the food / fish ratio in a 75 gallon aquarium, and sometimes I overfeed to where the ammonia is at .25-.5 ppm. It's not much but it's still there. Also any tips on feeding? I don't have many fish, but I have a good amount of bottom feeders. My main goal is to make sure there's still a little bit of food on the bottom of the tank so that the bottom feeders don't starve. Edit: Also, 1 more quick question, if I use Prime, will I still be able to detect the ammonia? Or will it go away for a little while until it's eaten?
  3. Hi all I have 7 planted tanks: 4 tanks with a betta each, 1 29g with guppies and rasboras, 1 40g with rhads, and a 75g with orandas. I have a choice of using either well water or softened water. I've been using softened, but my plants have never done well no matter how I fertilize and they're all beginner, low light plants like Javas, anubias, etc. I've also read that softened water can be hard on fish long term. So, I would like to slowly change over to well water but my well water shows 1.0 for ammonia. If I treat it with Prime, will it detox the ammonia long enough for the established biofilters in the tanks to take over?
  4. I have a 15 gallon tank with 12 salt and pepper corydoras and 6 white cloud minnows, that's been up and running for 3 months, finished cycling 2 months ago. Yesterday I noticed my fish acting weird so I did a water test and it returned 8ppm ammonia, up from 0.25ppm 4 days ago, after which I did a 50% water change. I immediately did an 80% water change, got 0 ammonia readings. Also tested my tap water, which returned 0.25ppm ammonia. I tested the water this morning, 0.25ppm ammonia, did a 10% water change, 5 hours later I tested the water and it returned 4ppm!. What's going on? Quick answers: For the last 4 days I've been giving 1 catfish pellet and one small pinch of flake food, skipping two days. I fed one single catfish pellet before going to bed last night and haven't fed them since I don't think there is anything rotting in the tank, I haven't been able to count all 12 corydoras but I removed all of my plants and scape yesterday and didn't see any corpses. This doesn't rule out the possibility of one buried in the substrate. Last time I counted 12 was last week Doesn't appear to be a cycle crash; my ntirates are up 5ppm from 0ppm this morning Yes, it was cycled. Yes it has lots of plants, including anacharis I added 5ml of profito fertiliser within the last week I've been adding seachem with the water changes in order to keep the ammonia at bay but if anyone has any suggestions I am desperate. The "nuclear option" is to remove literally everything from the tank, put the sponge filter in a bag with tank water, drip acclimate the fish to fresh, dechlorinated tap water, and add everything back in.
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