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  1. Thank you! I have written down the measurements. I appreciate your help! I have 3 Cherry Barbs, 3 Panda Corys and 1 Fake Julii Corydora and 1 zebra loach that eats the mystery snails. The issue I had in the 10 gallon tank in my living room was nitrates. I believe I had it overstocked as I had 1 betta and a few more Panda Corys. My nitrates kept going high. So instead of replacing the fish the kept dying, I just didn't. So i have had this lot for a few months now... water parameters have been great and I just added a plant. I didn't have any plants in this tank because they would die. So I do a water change ever week. So I am happy it's been a few months now that the levels are good and the fish are thriving and happy from what I can see. So I was just nervous to change from Fritz Complete to the ACCR. I ran out last night when I did my water change on my other two tanks. I hope I made sense!
  2. I wanted to add another question, if I have the other liquid kind, Seachem Prime should I just use that one?
  3. 1.25 Milligrams, correct? I'm going to continue reading about A.C.C.R. I don't want to mess up my tank. This 10 gallon has been my death tank and I barely have a few months with everyone still alive. Sorry, I am horrible with numbers! Thank you!
  4. Oh my gosh! I haven't been here in a few months and I love the update so far! It makes me so happy to see it thriving. Thank you for sharing this journey! Beautiful.
  5. Good evening! I am horrible with mathematics and solving or trying to figure out the measurements... Can someone help me? I have Fritz Pro Aquatics A.C.C.R. It says 1 teaspoon treats 40 gallons. I have 10 gallons. Can someone assist me in trying to figure it out or direct me? I used to use the liquid kind, but decided to get the dry stuff. Thank you in advance!
  6. Update: The power is on! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your words! ❤️
  7. Yes, I am making sure that I top off the HOB filters before pouring water over the tank water. Thank you very much!
  8. Just got home. Power still out. Just getting a cup and pouring it down tank water on each tank to create some oxygen. I put candles around one because it went from 78 to 75/74. Thank you for all your replies! I’m hoping power comes on soon.
  9. I have Zebra Danios, Panda Corys, Bettas, Hillstream Loach, Otocinclus, Cherry Barbs, Espi Raspbora (sp) and Amano shrimp. I am in Southern California. It’s not that cold but I’ve never had an outage so not sure how cold the water can get. I wish I could leave work but can’t. Ugh. I’m just really hoping I don’t lose any fish. They’re all so dear to me.
  10. My power went out since 10am today. I have 3 tanks. One 20 gallon and two 10 gallons. I had to leave to work and I’m sad that I’ll come home to dead fish. I am so upset. Power is still out and an estimate is for 8pm. I'm very heartbroken. 😞 Suggestions or tips on when I get home. I’ll be home around 6-6:30pm. 😞
  11. I wouldn't need a HOB filter, right? Just the sponge filter, correct?
  12. Okay, thank you for sharing! I think I'll just go with the 10 gallon and the nano... Most likely 1 or 2.
  13. Oh! Okay, thank you for the explanations to both of you. It will house my male betta that I am moving from my 20 gallon community tank and some Nerite snails. I will have some sand, live plants and the nano sponge filter. 🙂 I am leaning more towards the 10 gallon because it's more space for Captain America (that is my betta's name) but if I have to get the 5.5 for the sponge filter then so be it. May I ask what fish you have in your 10 gallon? Sorry, I am just nervous if the nano is too small. If it's been working fine for you then it makes me more confident to buy the 10 gallon.
  14. May I ask what is over stocking? Yes, I will be having live plants in there. 🙂
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