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  1. I agree yours all look like females. They don't need a male to develop eggs. The male only fertilises them, making them viable eggs able to hatch.
  2. Female peacock gudgeon, notice how the yellow stops before the fin. This is eggs. Males can also develop a yellow colour under the head, extending beyond the fin. Male peacock gudgeon, notice how the yellow continues under the chin, and the large boof head, similar to a nuchal hump
  3. Eggs. My females get like that, male traps em in a cave, they do their thing, boom eggs. Male fans eggs, eggs hatch, eggs go into green water tank, more Peacocks.
  4. G.Incisus, salmon red rainbow. Deepwater Crk (M. Splendida splendida) look nothing like G. Incisus. Vs
  5. Are you sure that sahulensis is a skull creek? Looks quite red, skull creeks are more of a light orange to yellow. Spotted blue eyes and the Maccullochi group go well. I've kept them with Wilsoni, Maccullochi, Papuae and Sexlineata, with only sexlineata not working out well. Is that Rhad one of Leo O'Reillys 'morphs' of rhads? And even so it looks more like a Teewah Creek 'Ultra red" compared to Searys Crk which tend to be more blue. The rhads will fight with the Gertrudae, Any of the long finned blue eyes will be pecked at. Only really Mellis and Signifer pair well. Make sure that you don't put aggressive rainbows with peaceful ones. G. Pseudoincisus will rip anything to shreds, and M.Sexlneata can be nasty as well. I've lost a large (~10cm) P.Furcatus to a Male M.Kamaka fighting for dominance. Some of the larger species like Regals (trifasciata) and Boesmani can be a-holes so be careful with them.
  6. 😍😍 The ONE species that I want but I can't get! Stupid import laws! If the import laws didn't exist I'd be pestering Gary for the whole of the ANGFA conference in October for him to ship me some!
  7. Before we can give stocking ideas, we need filtration. Sponge filters would be best for that size tank, one of a larger size, I like to run two in my 60gallon tanks. 1-3 angels would be fine depending on the type. Remember angles can get aggressive. Harlequin rasboras at least 6. Corys really depend on what you want. If you want some larger species you could go with some smaller Brochis like Emeralds, or if you want colour you could go with Sterbai, Panda, Bronze/Albinos and Venezuelans Be careful with the small species like pygmies and Hastatus as angles can eat them
  8. Epistylis. Treat with salt and salt dips, that should should clear it up. It's a bacteria so clean the tank before doing anything else.
  9. If it is either than they won't be much longer I would lean towards a Sahyadria sp. A cyprinid of some sorts.
  10. Very good advice! I have a very strong friendship with my LFS. Sadly he’s having to move so now I am left with bad LFS till he opens back up again. Let’s just say he will have a lot of stock when he opens up from me....
  11. Kyathit are redfinned danios. The CPDs aren’t large enough within that first two weeks to take them.
  12. Remember that fish stores need to make a profit too. I sell my fish for 1/5 of the price the stores sells for. That way they are making a decent profit, and I am making enough to buy some food here and there. Also remember that stores have the option to bulk buy fish from wholesalers for cheap prices. I sold fish on Gumtree (Aussie version of cragslist) and find it to be a pain, and honestly selling to stores is much easier.
  13. Recently, I have been thinking about transferring my Bichir over to my 4ft tank, and using his current tank as a breeding tank for my pair of tiger endlers. But a tank that is roughly 40ish gallons seems a waste for just them. What are some species you think will breed in a 40 gallon tank alongside tiger endlers. I was thinking Cherry shrimp, Clown Killifish and pygmy cories. Any ideas are appreciated.
  14. My choprae and kyahtit both take vinegar eels with in about a week. Infusoria is what I use prior. CPDs only get infusoria.
  15. It looks like expanding foam. Might be. Freshwater sponges do look kind of similar
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