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  1. Hi, I have an infusoria culture which I have done with green water, it is 3-4 months old and has been fed with yeast when it starts to lose the green in the water, daily stirring of water. It also has java moss bits that I get from cleaning out the fry tanks. I have put it under the microscope today and have identified a large amounts of what I can guess are seed shrimp. They kind of look like pac man every now and then when they move and included picture below. Also have a video of it pacmanning accross the slide but cant upload it here. The white bits are light from the scopes light. The other pic is I am guessing is a cyclops when compared to the internet picture I found. I have also identified elongated paramecium within the culture. So my question is will the seed shrimp and cyclops be safe to feed to the fry? The fry I have are Danios, Angels and tetras and range from a week old to 3 weeks old. Not sure if cyclops eat fry. These are also less than a pinhead in size not magnified. My Pics off microscope Seed Shrimp Cyclops Pic off internet
  2. Cheers for sharing, I am about to start on breeding corys. Bought 3 albino and 3 bronze last week to start the project.
  3. It is hard to find peer reviewed articles on Google scholar on it as well. Just had a mostly unfertilized batch this time.(1st spawn so was expecting that) Will try again with your suggestion of experimenting with light starting with no light in two weeks time on high protein diet. Or the elif light==0 Cheers 🙂
  4. Decoration with a defendable entrance. Something they can block off with their body (1 entrance). Have heard doing water changes sets off mating from slightly cooler water.
  5. No worries. I'm resisting the urge to shine lights on mine and keeping it covered. Cheers for the reply.
  6. RyanM

    Vinegar eels

    Cheers for the reply. Is the kyahtit common name leopard danio? Also why do the celestial danios get infusoria only?
  7. I had my first spawn a couple of months ago in a 20 litre tank, think that's five gallons. They are all living in much bigger tanks now though.
  8. RyanM

    Vinegar eels

    Has anyone ever tried feeding vinegar eels to newly hatched danio or tetra fry? I know infusoria is the common one to use but curious to know if they actually eat these in the first week of hatching.
  9. How did you go with the light sensitivity? I have just done Black Skirt tetras and Neons yesterday for the first time. I have eggs and they are in tanks with the parents out and a towel around the tank. I am not sure on how sensitive these guys are to light so keeping them in darkness at the moment.
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