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  1. Ohhhh right, that makes sense. @Friller thanks for your information and help. Do you happen to know what this is ? the tail of one just before the black dot is lightening up and from a distance it almost looks white. I thought it might be a “finally getting comfortable” color change, but it hasn’t happened to the others. @quikv6 okay perfect, that’s what I have been doing but I wasn’t sure if small meant like a gallon.
  2. @Friller see, that’s where my confusion comes from, they all look much more like the female when comparing the two photos you added, and I thought I bought all of the gudgeons the store had so I don’t know how mine would have gotten pregnant. @quikv6okay! I will do that. Any guidelines as to what a small water change should be? It’s a 20 gallon tank. Thanks for all your help
  3. Do any of your males have the black line on their anal fin, @Friller ? one seems to be performing what I would consider “wooing behavior” towards the gudgeons with the pudgy stomach, but it has that black line on its bottom fin. @quikv6 and @Jawjagrrl , I could see that. Any recommendations on how long to keep daily changes up? I put some ceramic cylinders from my turtle’s filter in the tank over a week ago. It has quite a few plants that had been in for about a week before I added the fish. Also, do you have any suggestions of when to put shrimp in? I really want to do some blue velvets when the tank is ready for them.
  4. Hello, this is my first post here as I just found out about this forum last week while waiting for a sponge filter for my new tank. In the tank I now have white cloud minnows (8) and peacock gudgeons (3). I haven’t had many fish before, just two betas and some feeders for my turtle, but one of my betas bloated up and died the next day, so when I saw one of my gudgeons had some bloating compared to the other two, I became concerned. It’s very difficult to get a photo, especially because I just did a water change, but I hope these pictures show it is swelling specifically in the belly. My first search online lead me to a picture that looked very similar on another forum with a comment saying “it looks like she’s pregnant.” So I tried to figure out if the gudgeon with swelling was female, and it seemed like, from online references (black line on anal fin and less bulged forehead) she was. But then came the next problem: all three gudgeons have that black line. One has a more bulged head (shown here, hopefully, in a photo taken yesterday) but it could be angle. The one I’m concerned about is noticeably smaller as well, about 2/3rds the size maybe? But there’s no behavior that strikes me as irregular or concerning so far, just the belly. as for water parameters, I changed the water right before so the results may be a little inaccurate, but the gudgeons (as well as the white clouds) have only been in the tank for two days. Please forgive my estimates, it’s very hard for me to see different shades so reading test strips is a struggle. The ammonia I tested before the water change, the rest I tested after. ammonia <.5 nitrate ~10 nitrite <1 hardness 75-150 buffer ~40 ph 7.2-7.6 chlorine 0 If it does look like an illness, please let me know how I should go about treating it. Thank you!
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