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  1. I have a hillstream loach that has been hiding in my uplift tube for almost 2 weeks. I don't think he's stuck because I can see him moving around in there. Should I remove him or just let him be?
  2. Maybe until recently you had a fish who was eating it for you?
  3. Wolffia or watermeal. I've never had it in a tank but I imagine it's even harder to get rid of than duckweed!
  4. The medium pre filter sponge on the output of the ACO powerhead baffles the flow considerably. So much so that it might not even be enough flow. I also have this tiny cheap pump and it has adjustable flow rate. Who knows how long it will last.
  5. My tiger lotus has been going strong for a couple months now. Today during a water change the bulb was uprooted and it wasn't even attached! I have no idea how long it's been detached but the lotus is still sending up new lily pads weekly. Should i discard this bulb or will it possibly sprout? Will my tiger lotus start to die?
  6. I bought a sexed pair so hopefully this is the case. Thank you!
  7. I think those are copepods. You can get rid of them by adding fish.
  8. Not sure about age, but they are roughly the same size. A might be slightly larger.
  9. I've had these apistogramma panduros for about 3 weeks now. Can anyone confirm that fish A is female and fish B is male? Or do I have it backwards? I'm having trouble with them. Fish A is chasing fish B and fish B is getting stressed. I'm going to separate them, but is it better to remove the aggressive one (fish A) or the other. Is there any hope of them ever pairing up or is it never going to be a good match?
  10. I have a new anubias hastifolia that came with two leaves. Both leaves are damaged, but one is worse off for sure. Should I remove either or both of these leaves? Or just leave it alone and let it sort itself out? Here's the whole plant: Here's the a closeup of the damaged leaves.
  11. Here's my first ever outdoor mini pond. It has koi swordtails, pygmy sunfish, one kissing gourami that is on vacation after being rehabbed, flagfish, and glo danios. The plants are out of control and I'm constantly thinning the water hyacinth. Since there are so many fry in here, when I pull out a few clumps of water hyacinth I keep it in a 10 gallon aquarium for about a week to see if I've accidentally grabbed some fry or eggs that were tangled in the roots. By the time the water hyacinth melts away inside, i usually find newly hatched glodanio fry. I have an underwater camera in there so I can watch since the only fish that are ever visible from the top are the glo danios and swordtails. Here are a few more pictures. A small temporary viewing tower being visited by the kissing gourami and pink glofish. My youngest enjoys snail hunting in the pond and loves that the glofish nibble her fingers. Swordtail fry everywhere Glofish fry inside And some low quality underwater pictures... Male pygmy sunfish Kissing gourami on vacation after being healed from fin/ body rot. He goes back to my dad's tank when I drain the pond. Kissing gourami when i first got him. Already making plans for a bigger pond next summer!
  12. Mine has grown to the top of my 20g high and then continued to grow above the water so that's about 18-20 inches.
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