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  1. Hey thanks a ton! Never dealt with this kinda stuff. Google and YouTube make hydra seem like the end of the world 😅
  2. Well... First it was copepods and detritus worms... Now there's definitely hydra in the tank. I have 2 amano shrimp, 1 mystery snail and 4 adult ramshorns(hundreds of ramshorn snail-lets). I don't feed the tank but a pinch of krill flake every so often. So detritus worms are fine, copepods are fine. How'd I get rid of the hydra? Man, I don't even have any fish in this tank yet. 🤣
  3. That's me! I do everything in my control to make sure the husbandry is correct. 🤘
  4. Don't judge me! 🤣 I'm new to aquariums but I've been doing tarantulas since 2019 and I help moderate The Tarantula Collective on Facebook! ✌️😎 Tarantulas Aphonopelma Chalcodes 1.1 (MF, SAM) Aphonopelma Seemanni 0.1 (MF) Avicularia avicularia 0.2 (1 MF) Avicularia Rufa 0.1 Brachypelma Boehmei 0.1 (MF) Brachypelma Emilia 0.1 Brachypelma Hamorii 1.0 (PEN) Brachypelma Klassi 0.1 Bumba Horrida 1.0 (MM) Caribena Versicolor 0.0.1 Ceratogyrus Brachycephalus 0.0.1 Ceratogyrus Darlingi 0.1 (MF) Chilobrachys Huahini 0.1.1 (MF) Chilobrachys Fimbriatus 0.0.1 Chilobrachys sp Saraburi 0.0.1 Cyclosternum sp Cundinamarca 0.0.1 Cyclosternum Schmardae 0.0.1 Cyriocosmus Elegans 0.1.12 (MF) Cyriocosmus Leetzi 1.0 (MM) Cyriocosmus Perezmilesi 0.0.1 Cyriopagopus Lividus 0.0.1 Davus Pentaloris 0.0.2 Ephebopus Uatuman 0.0.1 Euthycaelus Colonica 0.0.2 Eupalaestrus Campestratus 0.0.1 Eupalaestrus Weijenberghi 0.0.1 Hapalopus formosus 0.0.1 Heterothele villosella 0.0.1 Holothele sp Antioquia 0.1 Hystocrates gigas 0.0.4(communal) Grammastola Pulchra 1.0 Grammastola Pulchripes 0.1 Kochiana Brunnipes 1.0 (MM) Lasiadora Parahybana 0.1 (MF) Lasiadora Polycuspalatus 0.0.1 Linothele Sericata 0.0.1 Megaphobema Robustum 0.1 (MF) Megaphobema Velvetosoma 0.1 (MF) Neischnocolus sp Panama 0.0.1 Neoholothele Incei 0.5 Neostenotarsus sp French Guiana 0.0.1 Nhandu Carapoensis 0.1 (MF) Nhandu Chromatus 0.1 Nhandu Coloratovillosus 0.1 (MF) Nhandu Tripepii 1.0 (PEN) Pamphobetus Mascara 0.0.1 Pelinobius Muticus 0.0.1 Phlogiellus Moniqueverdezae 0.0.1 Phormingochilus sp Rufus 0.1 (PEN MF) Phormictopus Auratus 0.0.1 Phormictopus Atrichomatus 0.0.1 Phormictopus sp Salinas 1.0 Poecilotheria Formosa 0.1.1 (PEN MF) Poecilotheria Hanumavillasumica 0.0.1 Poecilotheria Metallica 0.1.1 (PEN MF) Poecilotheria Regalis 2.0 (PEN MM} Poecilotheria Tigrinawesseli 0.0.1 Psalmopoeus Ecclesiasticus 0.1 (MF) Psalmopoeus Irminia 0.1 (MF) Pseudhapalopus sp Colombia 0.0.2 Pterinochilus Lugardi 0.1 Pterinochilus Murinus BCF 0.0.1 Pterinochilus Murinus DCF Kigoma 0.0.1 Pterinochilus Murinus DCF MikumiNP 0.0.1 Pterinochilus Murinus RCF Usambara 0.1.1 (MF) Pterinochilus Murinus TCF Mozambique 0.0.6 Pterinopelma Sazimai 0.0.1 Sahydroaraneus Raja 0.0.1 Scolopendra Dehaani 0.0.1(centipede) Tapinauchenius Rasti 0.0.1 Tapinauchenius Violaceus 1.0 (MM) Theriphosinae sp Roatan 0.0.1 Theraphosa Apophysis 0.1 Theraphosa Stirmi 0.1 Thrixopelma sp Sullana 0.1 Tliltocatl Albopilosus Honduran 1.1 (MF&MM) Tliltocatl Albopilosus Nicaragua 1.0 (MM) Tliltocatl Epicureanus 0.1 (MF) Tliltocatl Sabulosus 0.1 (MF) Tliltocatl Vagans 0.1(paired) Tliltocatl Verdezi 0.1 (MF) Xenesthis Intermedia 1.0 (PEN MM) TRUE SPIDERS Latrodectus Hesperus 0.1 (MF) SCORPIONS Centeroides Gracilis 0.0.4 Heterometrus Spinifer 0.0.3 Hadrurus arizonensis 0.0.1
  5. I think y'all are right. They do dart around if disturbed. I don't know a ton about "invasive" beings in a tank, still new to the aquarium game. Plan on getting 10 Pea Puffers for this tank(hence the early addition of ramshorn snails lol) Thanks a ton! 😁 Hey, I too also keep tarantulas! 😅
  6. Hey nerms! I've been cycling this 30gal for close to a month now. There's no fish in the tank, only a few ramshorn snails. I'm noticing what looks to be very young hydra? I've never dealt with hydra but it's the closest thing I can find on Google that looks similar. Also detritus worms floating around in the tank. How'd I go about eliminating these? (Sorry for picture quality.. had to use a clip on macro lense on my phone 😅) Thanks for looking!
  7. Soooo.. I have the nano CO2 Dennerle kit. I'm tired of buying the replacement cartridges, they're either way to expensive online or I have to drive 80mi to my closest LFS to pick em up. Does anyone know of an alternative that will work with the regulator I already have? I don't mind using the cartridges, just the Dennerle specific ones are kinda pricy.
  8. He's eating fine and no I haven't
  9. WyoTrucker


    Bought a 45gal from a friend and this sunset gourami came with it. He was in pretty rough shape to begin with, 6mo of neglect on the tank, I'm surprised any of the first lived. He seems to have, uhh.. something coming out of his chest, which seems bloated in the first place. It doesn't seem to move at all like a worm, but it does flow behind him. It reminds me of a tapeworm almost. It's probably a good 6-8" long. It kinda looks like a plant root or string of some sort but he doesn't have access to any of that. He's still very lively despite being in rough shape. Thoughts? pH- 8.0 Nitrates 20 Hardness- maxed on the strip Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer - maxed on the strip Water Temperature 79-80F Sorry, dunno why the picture turned sideways. 🤷‍♂️
  10. You know.. that's a good point. A more spread out change of water chemistry probably would of worked alot better. I didn't even think of that. You may be on to something! 🤘 Another member also brought up this point. It's entirely possible the drastic change in water chemistry by adding a full dose of iron is the culprit.
  11. Typically we only change water if the nitrates begin to buildup in the tank and that only really ever happens between the 30-45 day mark. But even then it's only about a 20-30% change. Our tap water basically mirrors the tank waters, maybe sightly lower pH o 7.8 but it's normally pretty close. It's just perplexing. The tanks have been absolutely thriving for the past year with no deaths anywhere. But I add iron and poof, they're all dead. By no means am I blaming Easy Iron or that there's anything wrong with it, it's just mind boggling that the first time I add it to the tank, all my shrimp die. Which is why I'm wondering if I screwed up somewhere cuz I know AC makes sure they're putting out a quality product that's been tested through the ringer. Idk 🤷‍♂️
  12. Hey! We have a 10gal with danios and dwarf gourami and a 25-30gal(dunno the exact capacity, old pet store tank, 36x12x12) with nothing but guppies in it. Both tanks have been setup for about a year with very stable water parameters. But over the past week, nearly every single shrimp in both tanks have died, we went from hundreds to single digits in less than a week. No new fish have been added and nothing has really changed. The only thing that has changed is I started dosing Easy Iron. Prior to that it was only Easy Green and potassium with the occasional Prime once every few months when they require a water change. We feed spirulina wafers, Xtreme krill and live baby brine to both tanks. Both tanks have exactly the same parameters. Ph: 8-8.4, GH/KH: maxed on the test strip)(Wyoming has liquid rock), ammonia: 0, nitrites: 0, nitrates: 20-40 at all time. Is it possible I dosed too much Easy Iron? I know it's shrimp safe and I only dosed exactly what the bottle said and I only dose once a week. That's literally the only thing that has changed is the introduction of the iron. Kinda grasping at straws here. Thanks for looking! ✌️
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