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  1. What do you guys think, Hole in the head? Or maybe an injury from getting spooked. Because that has happened before
  2. So I've got this old tank that I got super cheap. I really like it, set it up with some plants and got a lovely Oscar. All is perfect but I'm not enjoying the lid. It's old and cracked and the light is pretty poor. What are my options on replacing the lid. Is it a case of getting glass to fit?
  3. I've been watching this guy for a while and I really like watching the way he farms fish. If you haven't seen him and you're into that kinda thing it's worth watching! https://youtu.be/b9FGESGXduw
  4. I am guessing i need to take out the mollies? I better get going on some green water ASAP
  5. I will have to observe now as I water changed and only noticed during. Will that have damaged eggs??
  6. So I was doing some routine maintenance on one of my smaller tanks, I had recently added some paradise fish in there along with some mollies. The LFS was trying to get rid of the paradise fish and I got them for free. I've two females and one male. (I think) I noticed all thee bubbles and got a fright! Like it was some sort of weird disease or something, but now I'm wondering is it breeding activity? I don't know alot about these fish so any information is great!
  7. So you think they still need to convert? Maybe so! I guess I'll keep you guys posted on the thread as to what happens
  8. I believe it is rotala rotundifolia. I has defo been converted as ive seen it in the LFS for the last few months just sitting there.
  9. Picked up these random un-labelled plants today. I'm new-ish to the planted tank side of things and apert from them being stem plants I have no idea. Any help is appriciated.
  10. I forgot to mention i used a coat hanger, and some tape to bend the hose into a hook shape
  11. about 10 gallons. You could easily keep some other fish if ou wanted to
  12. I have the same problem, did some research and built my own python system with garden hose and a similar plumming atachments. The inlilne valve lets me shut off when syphoning move to next tank, and start back up again. Close the inline valve when all tanks drained, take the end of the hose and connect to tap, start filling.... open valve... close, move tank, open..
  13. So this is my understanding, the salt removes hardness. if the fish want hard water liike guppies would then you need to add hardness back in or, bypass the sofetner when water changing. If the fish dont want hard water then no need to worry....carry on as normal. What I dont get is this......... How much salt is safe for fish. i cant really find anything that shows if fish can tolarate the salt from the softener long term. I have been looking into this as i will be moving soon to a house that will be using a softener.
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