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  1. Thanks for all of the info. I found something I could use in every response. For instance, I am rinsing my API test tubes in tap water only. I will follow the advice of rinsing them in tank water after I rinse them in tap water. I will be using my Tetra Easy Strips only to see if there are big fluctuations, and rely on API Test Kit for more accurate levels. I will hold off on the water change I was planning today and let my filter continue to cycle while monitoring the water. As always, I so appreciate all of you. I would be lost without this Forum .
  2. I am confused when reading the results of my testing kit. My API reads as follows (remember, I don't think it is done cycling) PH 7.4, PH high range 8.4, AMMONIA .20, NITRITE 2.0, NITRATE 5.0. MY TEST STRIPS: PH 7.2, CLORINE 0, HARDNESS 300, NITRITE 10, NITRATE 20, AMMONIA 0. I tested twice with API. I'm not sure how to compare the two or if it is even necessary. I am really confused about API high range ph ( it has never been that high) and nitrites and nitrates. Should I do a water change or wait and let it continue to cycle? My betta seems to be very happy. I would like to add 6 cherry barbs but hesitate to do anything until I can make sense of my testing.
  3. I noticed posts of folks having trouble with the Python water changer not fitting any faucets in their home. I had the same problem and tried several different attachments. None worked. I finally found a device on Amazon that works like a charm. The DaMohony Kitchen Pipe Connector is a universal water tap Connector. Every faucet we have is different and this fits them all. You don't have to unscrew anything just pop it on. Runs about $11.99 on Amazon.
  4. Thank you all that responded to my post "newby am I ready for fish" I am so grateful for all of the info I got. I followed the advice I received and let the tank do it's thing and what do you know it finally cleared up and my parameters are good. I did buy my Betta 4 days ago and he appears to be very happy. He thinks I dumped him into the ocean (20 gal tank). I bought several different types of food for him and he readily eats any thing I feed him. I feed him every morning around 7:30 and give him a snack at around 6:30 or 7:00. I feed him just a really small pinch. What are your thoughts on how I'm feeding. I don't want to overfeed. I use a ring at the top to keep food in place. He is the only fish so far, but plan on adding 6 cherry barbs in about another week. Look forward to any comments. I sincerely appreciate the help everyone gave. I was about to give up. The best advice I got was to grow an enormous amount of PATIENCE. I was fussing way to much.
  5. I am so grateful for all of the input i am getting. You all have explained this so very well. I am again excited about starting my new tank. I was so frustrated. When i first started my tank, I used Seachem prime and Stability. I have continued to add both periodically, I thought that would be enough. But, nothing changed much. I ordered some ammonia chloride this morning. It will be here tomarrow. I will start adding that and more Stability and watch my parameters . I have printed out your recommendations and will follow them closely. Again thank you so much
  6. I have my first tank set up (20gal) and have been testing the water at least once a week for about a month. Ph 7.6/ PH HI RANGE 8 / AMMONIA 0 / NITRATE2 0/ NITRATE3 0. I'm still having trouble digesting these parameters. I sort of understand what they mean, but it seems to be different for different fish. I just want to know if i am ready for fish. The plan is 1 male betta, 10 celestial pearl danios, 4 panda cories and 2 nerite snails. Maybe a few cherry shrimp (maybe). I'm confused about the nitrate3, shouldn't it be higher? Or does that come after adding fish? I have added the bacteria as instructed but the parameters have not changed. Am I ready??!! Thanks for your comments
  7. Sounds good ill try it. Do you have to do anything to clear out those meds later?
  8. Thank you. I'm thinking the same thing. Especially if I get them all at the same place. It is not a huge investment and I don't plan on adding fish after my initial purchase nor am I interested in breeding.
  9. if you absolutely and positively have no room for a quarantine tank (for example a school dorm) what can you do to keep your losses at a minimum? 20 gal tank. Planning on 8 scooling fish, a betta, 2 nerite snails, a few algae eaters and maybe red shrimp.
  10. Really appreciate your input. So much to think about.
  11. Really appreciate your input. So much to think about.
  12. Never thought about that when I bought the 20 gal long.
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