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Just wanted to ask, anyone else go a little nuts when they were first starting out? I'm wondering because a couple months ago I had zero fish, and now I have 5 fish tanks and 15 fish 🤣 so am I the only one who's gone a little fish crazy or.... Where my people at? Let's be friends ☺️

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Started the first week of January this year with one 75 gallon tank. I now have 12 set up ranging from 3 gallon to 95 gallon, 9 have fish or shrimp in them with the other 3 getting filled this week and there are another 3 in the garage waiting for a rack...

So no, I have no idea what you are referring to. But we can be friends!


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That's awesome! I started with a single fantail goldfish that was a rescue (long story), now I have him plus a female betta, an axolotl, and a school of 24k mountain minnows. Mine are all in 10 gallons until I move next month. I'm planning on putting the axolotl in a 33 long, the goldfish in a 40 breeder, and the minnows will be in a 75 planted tank. I haven't decided what I want to put the Betta in yet ☺️

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