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  1. I was doing that with this particular tank, feeding it every couple of days checking the water but after 2 weeks I still had a ton of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. I'm probably just impatient but I really wanted to get this up and running. I do water tests every day so if I notice anything going terribly wrong I'm prepared to take them all back to the fish store. The minnow I pulled out last night is... Interesting. It stayed in one spot in the container I put him in for over an hour, then suddenly started swimming around like normal. So I held a flashlight up to him to see if I could notice anything that looked strange inside him, and the fish started doing it again. Floating in one spot and just twitching every few seconds. Put the light away and wait a few minutes, he's fine back to normal. He's a strange one.
  2. That's awesome! I started with a single fantail goldfish that was a rescue (long story), now I have him plus a female betta, an axolotl, and a school of 24k mountain minnows. Mine are all in 10 gallons until I move next month. I'm planning on putting the axolotl in a 33 long, the goldfish in a 40 breeder, and the minnows will be in a 75 planted tank. I haven't decided what I want to put the Betta in yet ☺️
  3. Hello! Just wanted to ask, anyone else go a little nuts when they were first starting out? I'm wondering because a couple months ago I had zero fish, and now I have 5 fish tanks and 15 fish 🤣 so am I the only one who's gone a little fish crazy or.... Where my people at? Let's be friends ☺️
  4. I just got twelve 24k mountain minnows to help cycle my tank and I love them ❤️ sadly I had to take one out and put it in a separate tank because it just kind of floats near the top and twitches every couple seconds. Not sure what's wrong with that one.
  5. For anyone that's been curious Mishka is doing well!! After she started eating the brine shrimp she turned into a little piggy xD everytime I go into that room she goes to the feeding flap and waits. She's still pretty round and the white dot is still there so I'm guessing she's reabsorbing eggs. I test her water every day and oddly enough I haven't seen any spikes in ammonia, nitrates, or nitrites but my pH and kh swing a little bit every day. Her temperature is stable at 78 degrees fahrenheit and I ended up adding a java fern and nana anubias to the tank for some real plant life ❤️
  6. Hello all! So to update she's still kind of bloated but a couple days ago I noticed a small white dot just behind her hanging find in the front (ventral?) Sorry I don't know all the anatomy terms yet. From what I've researched this should mean she's egg bound? I did end up giving her some pea but she just spit it out a few times. Turns out she's kind of a picky fish. Doesn't like pellets or flake foods. Won't eat any veggies. So far the only thing I've really gotten her to go for has been live baby brine shrimp. She does flare a LOT. I have a master test kit and have been checking on all the water levels regularly (twice a day) so far I've been seeing small rises in ammonia/nitrates then I do a small water change and everything is back down again. Thanks for the comments and advice ❤️ I love my little fishy friend so much and I want to do well by her
  7. Okie. Borrowed my partners phone to get some better pics. It's not really extreme bloating just a slight bulge. I'll try feeding her a pea and watching for poop and I'm gonna do another water test but so far it's been looking pretty good. My KH is a little weird keeps going up and down but I thought it might be the catappa leaves. Unfortunately this is an uncycled tank as both her and my goldfish are new additions to the household and we don't have any fishkeeping friends to get glorious bacteria from 😞
  8. I added a video clip of her to the original post. She's really small so my phone's having a hard time getting a good picture
  9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LkxUUKpNJgPfTWXa9 Hello! I've been watching the channel for the last year and finally decided to make the jump and got a betta! She's absolutely gorgeous and I love her. But ever since I brought her home (about 48 hours now) she's been kind of bloated. I read not to feed your fish the first day you bring them home so I didn't but I can't decide if I should skip again today and wait for the bloating to go down or if I should try feeding her half a blanched pea or just give her the pellets I got for her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm very new to fishkeeping. Thank you and I love the work you do!
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